Sunday, 20 December 2009

Swan Lake<3

Yesterday I went to watch Swan Lake,it was fantastic!I swear,the black swan did 32 pirouettes,and the audience applauded.I think the swan was really skinny,but she's fantastic,like I said.The other background dancers were great too,especially this girl,whom I previously said her pointe work was not so good,I realised later she was always put in front,and she's actually not bad(:And there was her dancing partner who was really good too,a girl partner,not the guy one.There was also this blonde haired guy who reminded me of Tom Fletcher(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)and his Ballet was SO good!I couldn't believe it,he really stood out to me.When the Prince was dancing with the Swan,he'd walk around and flirt with the girls.But anyways,he's good(:
And tomorrow Mic's coming back:DAnd tomorrow I have dance:/I'm not that excited cuz it's not Ballet-ish at all:(And also because the instructer has really weird mood swings=.=We'll see,yeah.