Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Last Week

I have been busy preparing for my upcoming exams which have already begun this week,but I have no paper today so I've decided to update this space a little with last week's happenings.
It was the last day of school,so we all dressed up a little bit more and took photos with our faci.

Preping for half attendance photo with cGMP faci

Sales Management
Can you spot Merissa hiding behind faci?HAHAHH

Pharm. Chemistry
I think this is the most accurate picture of a full attendance class or thereabout.
Best faci ever,Nikhil.Thank you for your patience and funny moments in class.I didn't have a clue what Chemistry was all about,and was never really interested until you helped me,you helped all of us actually hahahh.I still have a 'complicated' relationship with Chemistry but it's not too bad now. (:

Last for the best,Judith♡
I love this girl so much,she's crazy and always so funny and happy.4 years of friendship and still counting!Muah x

Ferrero Rocher from Sales M. faci

My picks
The white one contains coconut.Initially it tastes a little strange but the after taste is delicious.

Coco joys from Shan Shan♥

Rainbow cupcake from Chloe♥

Last day of school's OOTD
Preping for the actual photo but the wind was so strong then.
Photo credits: Merissa


I love my eyebrows here heehee
Wish I could draw them like this everyday

Out with the family and Gu Jie
Had Pastamania and I am in love with their Tom Yam Pasta!It's so creamy and delicious,just looking at these pictures are making me hungry.All Tom Yam lovers must try this.And why wouldn't you love Tom Yam? (;

7' Chicken and Mushroom Pizza to share

Monday, 17 February 2014

Happy Chinese New Year 2014 {Part 2}

So here's part 2 of my CNY. Felt slightly bummed when the last day of CNY came because it means no more ang paos for me hahahahahh.
Here's the pictures of last weekend's visiting!


Home cooked lunch by Mum♡

Obligatory selfie on the way to Mum's best friend's place


Last Lou Hei for the year at parent's friend's organisation annual CNY gathering

Dinner with paternal relatives and here's a collage of Baby Kate :3

This is the restaurant I have been talking about. It's near my house and the food is so good!Everyone living at the North area should try it hahahh

My all-time favourite hotplate tofu

Paris Spring Restaurant
126 Casuarina Road
Tel: 64584567 

Friday, 7 February 2014

Happy Chinese New Year 2014

So busy this week,I haven't had any time to update this space.Happy CNY to all who celebrated,and these pictures were taken on CNY even,about a week ago.


Rushed home after school to go Bukit Merah area for reunion dinner before going to Gu Jie's place for dessert and quality time with the relatives.

Day 1

Home cooked lunch by Mum♡

Dinner cooked by Gu Jie♡

Day 2

Reunion dinner with my maternal relatives at my place and snapped pictures with my cousins.Also,a few pictures of my nephews.Matthew is my favourite hahahh.

Day 3

Annual dose of Khong Ba by Mum's close friend.Visited them in the evening.
I prefer having a few visits in a day than to rush as many visits as I can.No one likes a rush hour I suppose.

More visiting this week so check this space heehee!