Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Year End Holiday // Cambodia 2014

Hei hei!
Ohmygosh.It has been wayyy too long since I last posted.I have been terribly busy!Terribly busy doing nothing,that is. ;) Ever since my holiday started about two weeks back (and ends in less than a week's time), I have been relaxing a bit and also realizing the fact that exams are round the corner after 2015 kicks off. 
Usually, I go for year end holidays because my mum is busy with work during the year and can only take leave off during this period of time. So we went to Cambodia this year, and it was not just a holiday for me but also an eye opener and expanded my knowledge in the segment of World History.
Tried to take videos to compile them into a short getaway clip but my phone kept dying so it was pretty incomplete and I had to scrap that idea. Took lots of pictures instead. Enjoy (:

Friday, 26th December 2014

Almost didn't manage to get plane seats because of the overbooking but thankfully we did. The front counter lady was also very patient with us, since we were all upset when we heard we may not be able to board the plane.

Pardon me if I look horrid when I go on holidays!Comfort is #1 for me when it comes to travelling. I don't fancy dry eyes or blistered feet when I am on getaways.

Ankor Riviera Hotel, Siem Reap

Our tour was a mixed of free and easy, and on the first night of our arrival we had our own dinner at a place nearby the hotel.

Everyone's dishes and mine, fish soup of some sort. I have no idea what I ate but it was really good.

Saturday, 27th December 2014

Started our morning with a good breakfast and then off to Angkor Wat, one of the wonders of the world and a major tourist attraction in Cambodia. We spent most of our day there, followed by a short lunch and continued walking at Angkor Wat until evening before going for a massage and then to dinner.

Morning in Cambodia *.*

Sunday, 28th December 2014

As mentioned earlier in this post, my phone constantly died on me so apologies if my pictures aren't in a very flow-y manner!This was on the third day, after breakfast, we were on our way to Tonle Sap Lake and the tour guide was telling us the history of Cambodia.


These are catfishes, which area bred to feed the crocodiles which were situated next to this farm.

After our visit to the lake, we went to a silk farm which also sold other Cambodian products before heading to lunch.. After which we had to take a coach to transfer from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh.

Monday, 29th December 2014

Arrived in Phnom Penh on Sunday night and had dinner before heading to Nagaworld hotel to rest. The next day, we headed to the Royal Palace before visiting a prison museum. It was then time for lunch before we shop shop shop!

Royal Palace of King Norodom Sihamony

In the comfiest pants I bought there!

I won't post any pictures of the prison museum because one, it was too graphic and two, I deleted them. It was truly upsetting and depressing to have them in my memory just because it was a genocide and innocent lives were killed. However, if you are interested in finding out more, you can search under the key words Pol Pot Regime or S-21.

Beard Papa's at Aeon Mall

Tuesday, 30th December 2014

We woke up slightly later since it was our last day in Cambodia. After breakfast as usual at the hotel, we headed back to Aeon Mall and also had our lunch there. After which, we went back to the hotel and got ready to check out before making our way to the airport and arrived back home in the night.