Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Urge to Travel Feels Magnetic.

Hei there.
It has been forever since I last updated this space. I've been catching up with friends and was recently overseas. I was in Sri Lanka for a school trip the first week of April. It was so much fun with my schoolmates and meeting people I saw in school but never spoke to. Everyone was so friendly and caring,and I think the point where I instantly made new friends was in the operating theatre department of a hospital we visited and I was freaked out and grab the nearest arm beside me.

I forgot to bring my DSLR there (biggest regret) so most of the pictures are taken on my phone and it does this thing where it doesn't focus even when I tap on my screen so pardon me if the pictures aren't the best quality.

Day 1

I'm weird but I love aeroplane food

Touched down in the afternoon.
Hello Sri Lanka!

First stop - Arpico Supermart
We ended up coming to this mega mart a couple of times and I never had so much fun a supermart before. Everyone went cray over the tea :D

Ozo Colombo - Hotel's roof top pool and bar

Day 2

Old Dutch Fort, Galle

 Baby croc

Day 3

Went to a hospital that uses herbal treatments on their patients instead of pharmaceutical products so that was an eye opener. It was like TCM but the Sri Lakan version,sort of. After which it was movie time back at the hotel for me.

Day 4

Took a 6 hour bus ride from Colombo to Kandy to this tea plantation. Pretty bummed we didn't manage to go to the tooth relic temple though.

Day 5

Visited a private hospital and witnessed a surgery that I can never unsee.But on the positive side,I did see really cute babies!One cried non stop, and one was stretching her toes and yawning.They were so cute. (:

Day 6

Another day off which we took to the public train and experienced the ride,and then walked to get ice-cream and tuk tuk back to the hotel.
In the evening, we went to the Indian Ocean which was right beside the hotel.Took a couple of snaps and walked on the train tracks.I miss Sri Lanka already.

Day 7

Opted for a small city tour by the tour guide while some others stayed at the hotel or walked around the shops near the hotel. Followed by lunch and then last minute shopping for gifts and souvenirs and another trip to Arpico before dinner and headed to the airport. Waited and waited until it was time to board the plane at 2am to fly home.