Saturday, 21 February 2015

If You're Going To Walk On Thin Ice,You May As Well Dance.

finally went ice skating with my swan sis a couple of days back after much prolongation.Felt so good to be back on the ice and I think I'm getting better but I have no clue how to skate backwards.Considering taking up classes but I have no idea how to fit that into my going-to-be busy schedule.
Had Pastamania for lunch and it was soooo good as usual and Nihon Mura after skating for dinner.It was superb.


Saturday, 14 February 2015

Arab Street.

On Wednesday,I finally went to Arab Street with Sera to find some cushion covers to change my room theme a little.Currently it's mostly white and like the typical Scandinavian theme,but I recently got into the bohemian/vintage theme and I thought the colours would look really nice against the white furniture.
Managed to get just one cushion cover but I love it sooo much and it'll be up by CNY (:

Also, Happy Valentine's Day ♥ Spent it working and shopping for CNY things in the evening where I bought some cactus plants so it's been one fulfilling day.


Sunday, 8 February 2015


Just a short update - I've been so so busy preparing for FYP and school work piling up.Am I glad that FYP is over and I can focus on school work and upcoming exams.

A few days ago, my Ballet friend and I went for a trial class.I have been wanting to go awhile back, but recently mustered up the courage and also found a day we could both set time aside for.

It was reallyyy good and I'm pretty sure I want to join them.They have mostly technique lessons and push syllabus work nearer the exam.Although the exercises weren't very difficult,I found myself working up a sweat just half an hour into class. The studio was also non air-conditioned, which I personally preferred it compared to air-con ones. Scientifically proven to be better for the body as well.

After the two hour class,we went to Nam Nam Noodle Bar for dinner at Plaza Sing. I finally tried Nam Nam and I found the soup quite salty and was really thirsty after that.I'm not sure if it's just that outlet or they standardize their soup to be that way.

Sunday, 1 February 2015



It's been awhile since I posted,yet again.There have been so many deadlines to meet and I can't wait for FYP presentation to finally be over this Saturday. Studying with my friends tomorrow so that's finally some exciting news besides school,work and assignments. On the side note,pretty worried for my NAFA applications because all the documents are not going smoothly. Anddd dance trial class soon with a friend of mine to join another Ballet school. Finally planned my getaways,can't wait to graduate and travellll ♥
Also, my new found love for soy chai tea latte.