Tuesday, 23 July 2013

All the Food the Past Week

School has been busy and I will keep this post with a few words as possible as I am updating my blog during break time.Yes,I am in school now.So last Wednesday,I finally watched Despicable Me 2 with bb and it was really cute.The minions and the little girl Agnes were the only 2 reasons why I wanted to watch that movie.After the movie,we had our late night dinner at a Thai cafe.I still prefer Nana at Goldenmile though,it's cheaper and the food is more tasty.

Thai milk tea

Hor fun
It was slightly salty and not starchy enough.I love my hor fun or anything that is supposed to have starch,to be really starchy!

bb's sticky mango dessert
The rice was slightly hard and undercooked. :/

On Sunday,my mum suggested that instead of having the usual western at the food court near our house,we could try the Peranakan stall where she had chicken curry.So we did that and we chose chicken curry,sambal chicken,and curry yong tau foo.
Overview of our lunch without the rice

Sambal chicken
It was so so s o o o good!The lime really brought all the flavours together.

Then,in the evening we went to Expo because my Mum wanted to try the kebab but sadly this time round,the kebab booth was not there.I think she got the next food nearest to a kebab - satay!

It wasn't that good,and we didn't have the rice that usually comes with satay :(

Sour soup my Gu Jie got
It was more of salty and peppery,but quite addictive :( Unhealthy.

Mee sua
It doesn't look good eh?It doesn't taste good either hahahh but I appreciate my aunt helping me get this because I was really frustrated with a lot of things at that time.

Photo break heehee

Yesterday,my Starbucks-Studying clique went to Starbucks and we got drinks and food!Their salad is really good,and the sauce too but I think it's not too healthy to take so much sauce because it's salty.The salad is pre-packed though :/

L-R:Hot/Iced Mocha and Barista's Salad with Chicken

Had a UT today.2 down,3 more to go!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Monday, 15 July 2013

Learning is a Gift

Yesterday was a day filled with events and I was busy busy busy.Started my day with a school related event at VivoCity called Biodiversity,where booths are set up for the public to know more about the animals and insects on the land that we call home,not just in the city area but also the islands such as Pulau Ubin and where all our trash goes and why we have to do our part in recycling.
My shift was the first shift which started at 930 am.

My event tag

Information boards
They had such interesting facts and some of them had animal pictures.Just had to take pictures of it.

Trolley station where all the exhibits were.Some looked really yeeky :/

Marine life

Nature photgraphy

Lizards I think.Ew hahahh

Hope they weren't real!Some kids actually touched it altough the masking tape said "Please do not touch"



Pretty bookmarks layout

A colourful map of Singapore,including all the tiny islands!

Information bookmarks
I did not know what horseshoe crabs were not exactly crabs.I always thought they looked strange though,like two discs joined together.A little alien-ish too.


Cute handmade animal
There were paper cranes and caterpillars but I thought this was the cutest.

This was so gross.I felt so squeamish just holding the jar.

Skeleton of a pigeon (I think)

Oh yuck.And this is a mudskipper.It was gigantic (Compare with the crab beside it)
Cannot believe this is going up on my blog hahahahh

I think these are horseshoe crabs

After my shift ended,I changed out of my school t-shirt and went from Harbourfront to the north to meet Brenda and Nik Han.Merissa couldn't make it as she had a wedding to attend to.

At Starbucks and I got my usual green tea latte in Venti.I love getting drinks in Venti because of the big mug with the Starbucks imprint on it,but I got a takeaway cup instead. :( Brenda says I can request for my drink to be in a mug.Shall ask for it next time.

Salad because I was too hungry
It was reallyyyy good!


Nik Han is self-entertaining hahahh

We changed our tables like 3 times.The first was the high table,where the table was so tiny and I couldn't put my food and drink beside my laptop.So after a group of friends left the normal table with soft chairs,we moved but Nik Han found it difficult to write his notes and I was getting backaches because the chairs didn't have back rest.So when another group of friends left the normal tables with normal chairs with back rest,I immediately moved and ta da - a comfy seat for the first time at Starbucks after constant visits to the cafe.

Diligent friends revising heehee

We studied till evening time,and because I did not join my parents and Gu Jie for my usual Sunday family outing cum dinner,I tried the noodle shop beside Starbucks called EAT.I think many shopping malls near train stations have this eatery.The food was not too expensive but it was bad. :( Not going to buy it anymore,no matter how tempting it looks.Hahahh

Fishball noodles

Made a collage of the three of us.Next time Merissa would be included too!

Exams are coming up so I should sleep early but do check my blog regularly for new updates!