Friday, 28 November 2014

"There is no such thing as ready.There is only now."

It has been busy the past few weeks. School has not been the easiest, and people do confuse me, more often than not.

Have you ever doubted your own instincts?I think women tend to have a more accurate 'sixth sense' like for example, when I forsee it could potentially rain and I do not bring an umbrella out and it does rain later in the day,and vice versa. I've had certain senses towards certain situations these past few weeks but it has wronged me so far. I never thought I would be this confuse in my entire life,to be honest. It has gotten a point where my head is all messed up, as with my feelings and emotions.

I don't think this post will make much sense, but in my head it does. Simply put it, you think someone wants to get to know you but it feels like they're pulling back for certain reasons. And you don't know if it's a normal behaviour or habit and women,being women, we tend to think too much.

Anyway here are some shots of yesterday's outfit.

All the best to everyone studying for their upcoming exams.Now it's my turn to turn back to those papers and coffee.

Monday, 17 November 2014

St.Margaret's Dinner

Hei again (:
I attended a dinner yesterday organized by St.Margaret's Ex-Students Association(SMESA) for the school's 172nd anniversary.

Stelly Dress
New Look Heels
Gucci Clutch 

Jack Wills Daisy Bracelet

The first dish,my favourite!

Chinese Dance

With my Geography teacher in secondary school ♥

ED Tag.

Hei there!
So not many of you know,I have a past eating disorder (ED) and I found this short tag on Youtube and thought I'd just share on this space to whoever who wants to get to know me a little more! (:

1. how old were you when your ED began?
I was about 13 when it began.I was in secondary one,and I thought losing a few kilos would help me be slimmer and feel more confident,and help me make new friends too.

2. did you decide to recover or were you made to?
I did decide to recover and relapsed a few times.I also developed mild bulimia during my recovery attempts.

3. what were you diagnosed with?

4. do you binge?
I would call it a binge but in reality, it was just a standard meal.It felt too much for me then,and I would try to get rid of it.

5. do you purge?
Yes,along with laxatives.

6. who did you first watch on youtube ED wise?
I didn't have a focused person/account.I just watched whatever triggered me.

7. have you ever signed up to a pro ana website?
No.I've always and still do think it's complete bullsh*t.Eating disorder is NOT a lifestyle,it is a disease.And diseases should NEVER be promoted in any way.

8. what do you think we should do to raise awareness?
I honestly feel torn between spreading awareness and not spreading awareness because people who want to lose weight or have been for awhile,would try to 'fit' themselves into the ED criteria and may potentially develop eating disorders.However, I personally tried recovery because of the amount of awareness that was spread regarding anorexia.It made me want to get better at times although it was and still is a battle. (:

And that is it.Really short and I like it that way.
I still struggle with eating habits on a daily basis.Some people fully recover,some recover partially.But everyone who had an ED will always struggle.For me,whenever I feel like I've eaten 'too much', I will cut down or be more aware.I sometimes start counting calories too.I have been more active and eating small frequent meals now,so being stick thin is not my goal any more,but instead muscle and strength.But it's always a battle in my head and I refuse to let my ED win again.Sometimes I am tempted to just go back to my old ways because it's just easier,but I don't wish for hell to be upon me ever again.

And for anyone who has an ED or is recovering from one,know that you can get better.But it has to be you who wants to get better,do it for yourself and not anyone else.And if you find it difficult to continue recovery, think of why you wanted to recover in the first place and how far you have come.
Stay strong,girls and guys ♥

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Day Trips

Last Saturday,I took off from work because my mum had brought the family for a one day tour to Malaysia.My mum usually sign all of us up on one day tours because she's always so busy and doesn't have time to take leave off work and so on.
Anyways,the morning started at 6.30 am on the coach to Woodlands check point.I was so noisy that morning because it was raining and I had to wake up early. Rainy mornings are the best time to sleep in!
But it was all worth it when we arrived and had our breakfast which was,to me, the best meal of the day.It was so simple yet enjoyable.

Nasi Lemak


Noodle Making
About halfway through the tour, we stopped by this noodle factory.It's just a small workplace with a few workers and everything is done by hand.This is the flour stage, and the dough maker has to use the plank of wood to soften the dough and what he does it he creates force by repeatedly goes up and down on the plank.

Yo Yo Outlet
I think all tourists who frequently visit Malaysia know this place.Every tour stops here!

Sunday, 9 November 2014


I recently started yoga,although I did do some yoga stretches in the past in my CCA or Ballet, but it wasn't serious until a few months back. The breaking point for me was when my best friend signed us up for SoulScape SG, an event held at Tanjong Beach Club and organized by True Yoga. It was then I realized I really wanted to learn about yoga and it was also a good way to focus my mind, find my balance and control my breathing and emotions. I meditate sometimes, so I personally felt that adding yoga would help in controlling my rage that occurs more often than not in the smallest situations or disagreements.And so far,it has been working so that is good!

SoulScape SG
Before Session 1 and please ignore my small eyes because the sun was unbearable.

Firefly pose
I finally managed to do some advanced poses and this was one of them.I now understand why yoga has these complex poses because it really requires a lot of focus and concentration.

My next goal would be to be able to do the crow pose and hopefully in time to come,I'd be able to do fallen angel. Also,I am currently looking for a yoga studio class to join so if anyone has recommendations,please add them in the comments.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Sushi x Starbucks x Sweatpants

Last Friday,I had an e-module lesson to which I was only supposed to be on my laptop in the afternoon. so things were quite relaxed.The thing about e-module subjects are,it's easy to get lost.
Anyways I had spent that morning travelling down to Queensway to collect my new glasses and I am absolutely in love with them!
I know it makes me look more geeky than wearing contacts but it's always good to give your eyes a break but also look presentable on those 'slackish days'.

After which,I travelled to school to meet my friend because we were craving ban mian so badly!We were in the same team for e-module too,so we could just set up our laptops in school.Wifi,plugs everywhere and good food?Nothing gets better than that. (:

Met Brenda and Merissa in the evening for sushiiiii. Ever since my childhood friend introduced this place to me,I was hooked.I don't know about you,but I love love love sashimi and everything in this restaurant is $1.60! Since it was a Friday night,there was a queue when we arrived at the restaurant but it wasn't a problem because the queue moved relatively fast. It was quite funny because it was Merissa's first time eating sushi outside and she was constantly looking at the belt for attractive looking sushi to try.


Starbucks after sushi
Do not question our food choices hahahh. Merissa had to leave earlier so Brenda went to find our love - peppermint mocha (;

It's always a great time with you two beeches and internship will be fun,especially for Brenduh heehee (; We talked about so many things and always give such good advice. To more sushi times like these! ♥