Sunday, 9 November 2014


I recently started yoga,although I did do some yoga stretches in the past in my CCA or Ballet, but it wasn't serious until a few months back. The breaking point for me was when my best friend signed us up for SoulScape SG, an event held at Tanjong Beach Club and organized by True Yoga. It was then I realized I really wanted to learn about yoga and it was also a good way to focus my mind, find my balance and control my breathing and emotions. I meditate sometimes, so I personally felt that adding yoga would help in controlling my rage that occurs more often than not in the smallest situations or disagreements.And so far,it has been working so that is good!

SoulScape SG
Before Session 1 and please ignore my small eyes because the sun was unbearable.

Firefly pose
I finally managed to do some advanced poses and this was one of them.I now understand why yoga has these complex poses because it really requires a lot of focus and concentration.

My next goal would be to be able to do the crow pose and hopefully in time to come,I'd be able to do fallen angel. Also,I am currently looking for a yoga studio class to join so if anyone has recommendations,please add them in the comments.

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