Friday, 28 November 2014

"There is no such thing as ready.There is only now."

It has been busy the past few weeks. School has not been the easiest, and people do confuse me, more often than not.

Have you ever doubted your own instincts?I think women tend to have a more accurate 'sixth sense' like for example, when I forsee it could potentially rain and I do not bring an umbrella out and it does rain later in the day,and vice versa. I've had certain senses towards certain situations these past few weeks but it has wronged me so far. I never thought I would be this confuse in my entire life,to be honest. It has gotten a point where my head is all messed up, as with my feelings and emotions.

I don't think this post will make much sense, but in my head it does. Simply put it, you think someone wants to get to know you but it feels like they're pulling back for certain reasons. And you don't know if it's a normal behaviour or habit and women,being women, we tend to think too much.

Anyway here are some shots of yesterday's outfit.

All the best to everyone studying for their upcoming exams.Now it's my turn to turn back to those papers and coffee.

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