Friday, 20 January 2012

So sorry I've been away for forever,I've been so caught up with life and just basically everything around me.Meeting up with my friends because I haven't seen them in ages and going back to school to meet my mates because I graduated just this year and am waiting for results of school posting and everything.

I haven't been very consistent in my dieting.On some days I eat more,on some days I eat less.Right now,I just want to get my weight as low as I can because I've got family gatherings next week.It's Chinese New Year!(CNY)Yes,I am Chinese and yes,I celebrate it. :) I've got this cousin who just married his girlfriend mid last year I think,and ever since after the marriage,she was quite mean and nasty to me.Firstly,she indirectly said to my face that I wasn't skinny(neither is she though)and then she called my dress cheap when I said I bought it from a flea market.Come on,it's not like she didn't buy anything from a flea market.She even set up a booth at a flea market once!Irony.