Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Maze Runner x Llao Llao Yogurt

I finally tried Llao Llao yogurt on Wednesday and also watched The Maze Runner.I personally think that Llao Llao yogurt is nothing too special,has the ingredients you can find in a supermart and make it yourself.However,if you are outside and you want something healthy to snack on and worth the value,this would be it.The queue was unexpectedly short that morning,given that it usually has a crowd of more than 8 persons in line.
There is a choice of biscuits or cereals,then three fruits and a sauce to top it off with.I had crushed Oreos,kiwi,strawberry and watermelon and chocolate sauce.

Our OOTDs that day and I think Thines' dress is really gorgeous.I love anything ombre,I think it's a very elegant way of transitioning from one colour to another,or just one solid colour to white.


I love this poster for two reasons.One,it shows how huge this maze really is and two,it has two of my favourite characters and actors in it. (:

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Lazarus Island

Just thought I'd post my first ever experience last Sunday to St.John's Island without the SAC group.If you read my blog regularly,you would know I am a member of the Singapore Adventurer's Club and we do take ferries to islands sometimes.
Anyway,it was a trip Thines and I had planned for awhile but never found the right time to go.We had decided we would go on a Sunday,but just not sure which Sunday as there are more ferry trips on Sundays compared to weekdays and Saturdays.Our friend also joined us,and he brought three friends with him too!

On the island!

There were so many cats,and they were all so cute. :3


We set our things on the breakwater and had a picnic there.It was quite fun as there was music,good food and great company.It was funny because Nick and Thines were sitting near the edge of the breakwater and looked like they would fall into the water at any moment.


All in all,the trip was really fun and I enjoyed myself so much.I also got an uneven tan,which I will fix that next week when I go to Sentosa,after my Ballet exam.Can't wait!
I possibly will not go back again any time soon at least,just because I can do similar things at Sentosa.However,if you have not been there before,I recommend you to give it a try to tick it off your bucket list and to see the view.It really is extra ordinary (: ♥

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Ice Skating

Hei there!
Sometime the week before,I decided to go to JCube to ice skate since Kallang was closed then.I asked my poly friend for a meet up and we ice skate together.It was really fun and I have been to JCube's The Rink twice ever since.I personally prefer Kallang Ice World just because the skates are laced instead of buckles,and the ice is smoother.The first time I went with my poly friend,the ice was slightly too dry so it required lots of movements to get going,however the second time I went with my guy best friend,it was slightly better.

Just had to have Hokkien mee after 2 hours on ice!

This picture was taken sometime last week with my best friend.
I felt that I improved that day compared to the previous time on ice,and I can't wait to go again.

Check out The Rink ( for more details and upcoming events!I paid $17.50 for entrance and ice skates and this was a 2 hour session.There may be additional chargers for certain things you may need,such as gloves.

I really enjoyed my time there,but I hope to go back to Kallang soon just because I'm more familiar to the surroundings and they have better ice skates.

Friday, 12 September 2014


Just a short post on what was happening last Saturday.Walked to Labrador Park from VivoCity with my mum.The walk was organised by SAC (Singapore Adventure's Club) to which my parents and myself are members.I cannot remember the exact route that we walked but I know the view was beautiful and very scenic.Upon arriving at Labrador Park,we walked further to our BBQ pit where we had our meal.

Since we were early,we stopped by Delifrance to fill our stomach before walking.The last thing I wanted was a gastric attack as they have recently recurred.

And that is it!Head to for more information and details on activities open to members and non members.They have activities ranging from 'easy' to 'difficult',to which easy are activities such as walking or trekking,and difficult may be mountain climbing or hiking.I hope you find an activity you can enjoy and sign up for it.Don't forget to join as a member too heeheehee.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Whatever Makes You Smile,Keep It

Hei! (:
On Monday,I finally finally finally met up with my Ballet friend,Mel.Going through my Friends folder in my laptop made me realize the last time we met up was almost a year ago.Indeed,time flies.

I suggested we go Marina Barrage to fly our kites and have a little picnic there as well. Mel didn't bring her kite but she did bring her DSLR and I just had to have a go at the camera heehee.
But as you know,plans always change and it definitely changed when she spotted a Vegan Burg in Marina Bay Financial Centre and we ate there first before taking a bus to Marina Barrage.

Rendang Burger with seaweed fries for Mel,
and Shrooms Burger with broccoli sides for me.

I'd say the food was really good at Vegan Burg,but for some reason,the staff there weren't looking very cheerful and they had poker faces towards other customers throughout the time we were in the fast food restaurant.