Thursday, 18 September 2014

Lazarus Island

Just thought I'd post my first ever experience last Sunday to St.John's Island without the SAC group.If you read my blog regularly,you would know I am a member of the Singapore Adventurer's Club and we do take ferries to islands sometimes.
Anyway,it was a trip Thines and I had planned for awhile but never found the right time to go.We had decided we would go on a Sunday,but just not sure which Sunday as there are more ferry trips on Sundays compared to weekdays and Saturdays.Our friend also joined us,and he brought three friends with him too!

On the island!

There were so many cats,and they were all so cute. :3


We set our things on the breakwater and had a picnic there.It was quite fun as there was music,good food and great company.It was funny because Nick and Thines were sitting near the edge of the breakwater and looked like they would fall into the water at any moment.


All in all,the trip was really fun and I enjoyed myself so much.I also got an uneven tan,which I will fix that next week when I go to Sentosa,after my Ballet exam.Can't wait!
I possibly will not go back again any time soon at least,just because I can do similar things at Sentosa.However,if you have not been there before,I recommend you to give it a try to tick it off your bucket list and to see the view.It really is extra ordinary (: ♥

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