Monday, 23 December 2013

"Friendship Is A Very Comforting Thing To Have"

I am truly enjoying this short break.I have met up with so many friends I haven't seen in ages, but it's also sometimes good to meet up those you see frequently to catch up about other things besides academics and results. It's such a bore sometimes hahahh.


Met up with Brenda in town on Thursday.We were suppose to meet the week before or something but I woke up late and we had other plans in the evening as well,so we postponed it. We first went to Scape Underground to find some stickers for her new penny board, and then headed to Cine to see if there were any nice clothes for me for CNY. I had initially done some research at one of the shop's website, but when I got there, the clothes were so similar and common so I left empty handed. Hahahahahh
Bought our usual Starbucks but iced version this time because it was so blooming hot that day.

L - R : Ice Cube Peppermint Mocha for Brenda & Ice Blended Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha for me, both in Grande

Walked all the way to Far East Plaza to get our eyebrows done. We walked around for quite a bit because the beauty boutiques did mostly waxing, shaving or plucking and I wanted threading. It would be my first time but I thought it was better as I had seen it done on my friend and her eyebrows looked fantastic. Finally settled on this small boutique and they charged the cheapest of them all. Plus, the beautician was really nice and told my friend and I how to draw our eyebrows properly. She also told us we had clogged pores on my faces and that we needed facial hahahh. I have been trying to use natural home remedies to get rid of them ever since and it seems to be working so far.

My inspired eyebrows from an account I follow on Instagram.
Gorgeous *.*
After shaping and filling in.It's slightly thicker than the eyebrows in the picture above,the same picture I showed the beautician. I don't mind thicker brows because I'm not a fan of thin brows.

Went to Ion Orchard's Daiso to purchase some items and Brenda bought an eyebrow pencil and clear mascara to 'play' with hahahh. I purchased my first ever Christmas tree and some ornament balls to decorate it with, and also gold pine cones for the house.


Finally met Elizabeth at North Point and she passed me the nail polish we share, also a St.Nicholas old girl's t-shirt. The mall didn't have much going on, so we bought food instead of shopping and all. One thing I like about North Point is that the mall's food court is Japanese themed and everything they sell is Japanese food!


Sing and dance at the atrium
The Forever Friends bears are so fat and cute! :3

Green tea snow ice!
So delicious, it's totally worth the money.

Korean rice cake
If you have not tried this, you need to.It has the right amount of spiciness and it is so healthy. The only ingredients are cabbage,leek and rice cakes.

Candid shots while Eliz tried to take my ootd

Matcha sticks & letter from my Swan Sis!Is she adorable or adorable? <; 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

"A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself."

Hei there!
Met up with my drama princess once again yesterday.The last time we met, we had decided that we would go ice-skating.So on Tuesday we did!
I had no idea that it was Thines' first time and my leg had no muscle memory at all,so there we were, struggling to stay on the ice. There were some really good skaters around and they were younger than us. Of course, there were also teens like us but it's okay because everyone starts somewhere. <: p="">

Spotted this poster of Orlando Bloom as Legolas in The Hobbit and I just had to take a picture.
Pardon my retarded looking face hahahahahh

Just something about elves...

We had lunch at Leisure Park's Pastamania before heading to NEX for Sogurt. We were both having a headache and feeling nauseous (coincidentally at the same time!), so we sat down to talk for a bit. I always feel so relaxed talking to my drama princess because she keeps things so light and funny.

Round 1

Round 2!

Thines has obviously gotten the Sogurt obsession into me. Just thinking about it now is making me craving it!
After filling our tum tums with delicious Sogurt, we headed to The Pet Safari to see the adorable animals. I also wanted to see if my Shiba Inu (self-proclaimed) puppy was there but by then, she was purchased. I am pretty sure it is because she's got such a lovable personality.

Golden Retriever puppy 1

Puppy 2! :3 ♥

Can you guess this puppy breed?
He's such a fluffy guy!

Nawwwwwwwwww such a cutie.
He looks like a teddy bear!

Thines with little cutie!

I want a guinea pig.
Too cute.

Pomeranian dogs are the same breed as the famous 'boo dog'.They have a giant fluffy forehead and big black beady eyes.

L - R, Top - Bottom : Westie, Pomeranian, Golden Retriever and Toy Poddle puppies

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Year End Holidays♥

Met Thines on Friday to have dinner at VivoCity.
First and foremost,I must welcome home my drama princess.Missed you so much Thines♥
Promised her that we'd go to Max Brenner to try their soufflé when she got back and I kept that promise.EXCEPT there weren't soufflés, but I was so sure I did see it on the menu the last time I went there. We decided on a fondue for two as a backup if one of our individual items were not available. 

Happy Thines with her marshmallow :D

One downside of fondues would be that the skewered item commits suicide in a chocolate pond and it is really difficult to take it out again
Here are my failed attempts hahahh

I like this picture so much because it reflects our friendship and personalities well.

On Sunday, my family and I went to Chinatown Point to have a quick dinner before heading to town to do some Christmas shopping. We had dinner at this cafe called Hill Street Coffee Shop and they sold really affordable food and it tasted really good too. The layout theme was vintage and they also had traditional fly covers over some lights which I didn't take pictures of.

Dad's meat noodles

My curry noodles

My Mum had kaya bread as we had a late lunch that day. I am surprised I managed to finish majority of this big bowl of noodles.

Christmas ornaments at Robinsons