Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Year End Holidays♥

Met Thines on Friday to have dinner at VivoCity.
First and foremost,I must welcome home my drama princess.Missed you so much Thines♥
Promised her that we'd go to Max Brenner to try their soufflé when she got back and I kept that promise.EXCEPT there weren't soufflés, but I was so sure I did see it on the menu the last time I went there. We decided on a fondue for two as a backup if one of our individual items were not available. 

Happy Thines with her marshmallow :D

One downside of fondues would be that the skewered item commits suicide in a chocolate pond and it is really difficult to take it out again
Here are my failed attempts hahahh

I like this picture so much because it reflects our friendship and personalities well.

On Sunday, my family and I went to Chinatown Point to have a quick dinner before heading to town to do some Christmas shopping. We had dinner at this cafe called Hill Street Coffee Shop and they sold really affordable food and it tasted really good too. The layout theme was vintage and they also had traditional fly covers over some lights which I didn't take pictures of.

Dad's meat noodles

My curry noodles

My Mum had kaya bread as we had a late lunch that day. I am surprised I managed to finish majority of this big bowl of noodles.

Christmas ornaments at Robinsons


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