Saturday, 7 December 2013

Life Has Been Good.

Have not done much weekly updates because of exams. Finally,I am done with almost all of them except one last paper this coming week.
So last last Sunday, my Mum and I,along with her good friend,went to watch Bolshoi Ballet's Swan Lake.All those times I have watched their video clip performances on Youtube and wished I saw them perform in real life came true then.It was surreal;such an amazing performance.So inspirational,I cannot begin to express the feeling and I didn't want the performance to end.

Last Thursday's OOTD for school

Last Friday's dinner with Dad

We had tried a new restaurant near our home.They were advertising excessively and we thought we should try it out for ourselves.I chose half BBQ chicken and my dad had black pepper chicken.It wasn't as good as we thought it'd be,plus it was a little pricey too.However, the sauce and salad was good.

Last Saturday

Met my bb at Expo because he wanted to check out the IT show and see if there was anything attractive to consider purchasing. It was slightly less crowded than the previous times I had gone with my parents. After walking around the fair,we headed to CityChangi Point and had dinner at Ajisen Ramen.

Got myself a cup of hot drink while waiting for my bb
CBTL's Holiday Red Velvet Hot Cocoa

Meat ramen for me; spicy ramen for him♥

Last Sunday

Headed to Mum's office because she needed Dad to help fix the lights before having dinner at The Asian Kitchen at VivoCity.Took some selfies while waiting for the lights to be fixed!

Beef Brisket Noodles

Mum & Gu Jie's noodles

Besides myself, everyone else took the same dish they did the first time we went to Asian Kitchen hahahh.Dad took stew pork noodles which I didn't take a photo of because I was busy chomping away.

Sea cucumber at a restaurant
It looks so alien hahahh

I feel the mood already.I can't wait for Christmas.


Studied after school with some new schoolmates,Kim,Gary(Kim's friend) and Merissa at Coffee Bean (because Starbucks was insanely packed due to the 1-for-1 offer) that day. I went to Coffee Bean again to study a few days later.I am starting to really like Coffee Bean. The drinks are a little heavier than Starbucks but it's more wallet friendly.

Peppermint Double Chocolate, featuring my salad behind


Lab session yet again on Friday,and we compounded elixir and linctus medications. The orange one is elixir and the red one is linctus.

Ombre elixir in the making!

Went to Starbucks after school with Nik Han and Merissa to nom because we survived the week and it was finally Friday.

Red Berries Milk Chocolate Cake.Cranberry Milk Chocolate Frappuccino.


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