Sunday, 31 March 2013


Spent my whole day with my parents today,and it felt really good although there were some bickering here and there.Woke up to the part-time maid cleaning my room,then had breakfast at home.Lunch right after the maid left and then we stayed at home until it was time for dinner with my aunt.While at lunch,we went grocery shopping and I bought Yan Yan,my favourite childhood snack!Bring back the 90's baby♡

Also,a secondary school classmate of mine works at The Body Shop at Raffles City too,and I managed to get a 50% staff discount from her,and purchased an exfoliator that I've wanted to buy awhile back.

Shaky hand :(

This product smells sooo good and after one try,my skin looks so snowy!It was so smooth and I didn't see any bumps or whatever I usually see even after washing my face.Will continue using this and see how it goes.So far it's promising!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Todai at MBS

Parents' friend invited us,along with some of the other Singapore Adventurous Club(SAC) members to Todai Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands(MBS).It is a seafood and sushi restaurant,served buffet style.They also have other cuisines such as western,Japanese and Italian.It was reallyyyyyyyy good.Mum found out that there was an offer,and it was about $60/person for lunch.Dinner would be more,but I am not sure how much.

This is about 1/3 of the whole restaurant!

Chilli Crab in a nice glass bowl

Italian pizzas

Todai's Alaskan Crab

My first plate!

Dad's first plate(:

Mum's first plate(:

My second plate

I felt full after my first plate,but I couldn't help but to go back for more as there were so many dishes!

Third plate-sushi time!


Dessert plate aka my last plate

There were so many different types of dishes,I couldn't try them all.I also didn't get to try the Alaskan or red crabs,but I am sure I'll be back one day to try it!These pictures were taken with my 5 mega pixel LG phone and I dare say they turned out quite well.
It may be a little pricey for a student/part-timer like me,but it is definitely worth the money.
Thanks Aunty Pat Lai for the lunch,I really enjoyed it!It was good catching up with everyone too!

Thursday, 28 March 2013


Age: 18 (turning 19 in less than a month)
Where I’m from: Singapore
Where I would like to live: Norway or London.
Favourite food: Spaghetti,salmon and any kind of salad
Religion: Free-thinker.
Sexual orientation: Straight.But hey admit it,we girls sometimes do think other girls are hot ha!
Single/taken: Taken ♥
Favourite book: I used to love Brenda Joyce books,but it's been ages since I last read her novels.Nowadays romance novels are my thing.
Eye colour: Dark,dark brown.
Favourite movie: Centre Stage
Favourite TV show: I love Happy Endings,HIMYM,Castle,New Girl,ANTM just to name a few.
Favourite band/singer: One Direction and Swedish House Mafia.
Random fact about me: I love dark chocolate more than milk chocolate.
Favorite day/s of the year: New Year's Eve and Christmas.
Favourite colour/s: Turquoise,purple,shades of blue.
If I have any pets: No. :( My mum hates them.
What I’m listening to right now: TV heehee
Last movie I’ve watched: Warm Bodies.
What’s my ringtone: Vibration
Favourite male character from a TV show: Schmidt from New Girl
Favourite female character from a TV show: Kate Beckett.
What my name means: Fate.
Favourite superhero: Hmmmmmmmmm I really don't know.
Celebrity crush: Jenner sisters.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Ballet exam tomorrow.

last Ballet practice today before the big day tomorrow.Feeling slightly more confident about my doubles because I feel more stable now and less out of balance when I spin.Gosh I'm scared but there's nothing I can do.It will happen anyway.It will happen then it will be over soon enough so I need to stop worrying so much.
After the exam tomorrow,I'll be meeting bb at his place.He would have finished night shift by then and would probably be asleep. (:
Miss him so much already and it's only been 2 days.Today was one of the few days I didn't feel upset over nothing,I didn't start over-thinking all my nonsense and I was towards the understanding side.Maybe also because my period is here.I am so annoyed about that because for the last few consecutive years,my period came just before the day of my Ballet exam.
Anyway,I have told bb many times that he can tell me anything and all that,and I've just come to realize that when we're really close and close enough,he would tell me whatever he's thinking and feeling.Simply telling someone something you love and care for doesn't mean that the person will do just that.It takes time,and when the time comes for it to happen,it will come from the heart.It will come from within.
Sometimes I feel like such a bad girlfriend because it's my fault I start all the unnecessary arguments and my stubbornness and need to defend myself.I need to realize and make the change,and there's nothing to be ashamed about if he's telling me something truthful,because there's no one else that knows besides him and I.
I need to know that.I need to remember that.Thank you for always forgiving me,even when I didn't deserve it.Iloveyou. ♥

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Flea Market 23032013

Slept over at bb's place the night before,then went home this afternoon to get the clothes for today's flea and went to the venue-MyVillage at Serangoon Gardens Way.Apparently Aria and I,along with bb(because he was with me) were all late,but our booth was there.Yey!There was almost no crowd but we managed to sell left around 6pm to meet his friends and I felt quite sad. :( But at least I stayed or Aria would be alone.One of our Ballet friends came and we gave her some stuff hahahh!Got rid of one bag of clothes by putting it near the bin and brought one bag back which contained clothes Aria and I thought could be sold in the next flea in April.But this time in April,we'll be bringing clothes that at least look fashionable.Hahahh. :D

Overexposed picture but Aria said it was nice(:
{Hate how my back looks in the reflection}

Wink! (;

Our booth

bb's stuff.All brand new! :D


Bracelet bb gave me♥
He has the same one(:

One for Aria too!

On the side note,got my clothes from Aria that I purchased from Supre!But work tomorrow,then Ballet.Not looking forward to it because exam is on Tuesday and I still can't do doubles.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Things Will Get Better♥

Feel better today than yesterday,although not elated and jumping for joy.I feel hopeful for bb and I now.Not that I wasn't initially.Well,maybe.But now I have faith although my trust is still down under,but that doesn't mean I don't trust him.It's just not to that level yet.
Anyway,today I had Ballet and I was late.But I managed to practice my pirouettes,especially Number 4 which reminds me of a folk dance because we just keep spinning!I realized that I really need to use and flick my head and focus on my point.I have watched a Youtube video,where a teacher told a student,"Your head is not sewn to your body.It needs to turn."
Also,yesterday's mock examiner gave us a tip.She said that for Pointe work,if we cannot control waist down,at least control waist up.
Typing as I multi-task: Drinking hot milo and watching Glee S4.Contacts has been on since 12 noon,MC for work today but not a chance tomorrow.10 hour shift tomorrow so I shall bathe and some rest now!
Good night!

Monday, 18 March 2013

People may forget what you say and did to them,but they will never forget how you made them feel.

today actually started really well.I met bb at the usual bus stop,and I was slightly late so he had to wait for me.Then we went home and-you know how women have this sixth sense thing.I did something,I went to check his phone and I found something that I wasn't so pleasantly surprised about.In fact,I was in a rage and I was so angry.I know sometimes I can over-react a little,I know I did today.But I felt like I had every right to,because what I found made me lose trust in him.And anyone who knows me knows that I don't trust people easily.If it takes months for me to trust you,and you broke that trust,it would take twice the time for me to trust you again.It's just normal human reaction-you build a wall around yourself and you feel like nothing is going your way and you're lost at the crossroads.
All I can say is,everything takes time.
After which was Ballet mock exam which went not-so-good for me.Pirouettes was bad,but at least I managed to do the Pointe study until I got confused which foot came first.The mock examiner also said that we need to listen to the music and 'fill' it out more.Dancers would know what I mean.It means to 'fully use' the music with feet or hand movements.
Work tomorrow and I'm so tired,mentally,emotionally and physically.

Sunday, 17 March 2013


Typing my post as I watch ANTM Cycle 19:College Edition.I quite like Leila!Her gap teeth :B
Today has been exhausting for me,and I'm not even quite sure why.Slept till late morning and had Ballet.Bought groceries and had to get my own dinner because my parents were with my aunt,getting some lightings done for her house by Wednesday.I was annoyed at first because that meant I couldn't have my usual family dinner with them,but afterthat I accepted it and bought sushi whilst getting groceries.Initially I wanted the California roll,but my friend picked the sushi set and it looked so delicious so I switched.
So happy to have bought chicken,salmon,yogurt and other ingredients for lunch will be coming home after his night shift to rest,can't wait to see him (: Shall post pictures if I manage to.
Besides working for TSS,I have asked Jeff to introduce me to his friends if they need models for their shops.No idea if it will work out but you'd never know unless you try.
Bought a few pieces of clothes from Cotton On today.Really need to control my spending! :(
Hope the day was good for you and good night.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Second & Last Day of Training

Hei! (:
So tired but shall just upload what I received from the company today.

What do you think?