Friday, 8 March 2013

Just Some Updates...

It's Friday night and I am home,alone.Can you imagine?Hahahh I usually have plans and meeting up with my friends or sleeping over at bb's house.But tonight,it's different.At first,I did feel a little sad and depressed and what have you,but now that the weather is nice and cool,I feel quite satisfied...and I don't even have ice-cream!
Didn't do much today,woke up around 10:30am and then made breakfast and watched TV,like non-stop.Painted my nails so now they're nice and retro in polka dots.Dinner was brought home by my dad and now he's gone to his friend's for dinner,like he usually does every Friday.I NEED SOMETHING TO DO,SOMETHING NEW AND INTERESTING.

{Breakfast this morning:coffee swiss roll,banana & cereal,blueberries and yogurt in a cup}

And a job.
Holiday is good for me to relax and possibly do nothing,but some days I do miss school.Meeting my classmates,chatting and having lunch with them,just sharing and exchanging current events in our lives and teamwork.But holidays also mean I get to meet the love of my life more (: And nothing is more amazing than that♥
Have a great night,everyone.

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