Sunday, 24 March 2013

Flea Market 23032013

Slept over at bb's place the night before,then went home this afternoon to get the clothes for today's flea and went to the venue-MyVillage at Serangoon Gardens Way.Apparently Aria and I,along with bb(because he was with me) were all late,but our booth was there.Yey!There was almost no crowd but we managed to sell left around 6pm to meet his friends and I felt quite sad. :( But at least I stayed or Aria would be alone.One of our Ballet friends came and we gave her some stuff hahahh!Got rid of one bag of clothes by putting it near the bin and brought one bag back which contained clothes Aria and I thought could be sold in the next flea in April.But this time in April,we'll be bringing clothes that at least look fashionable.Hahahh. :D

Overexposed picture but Aria said it was nice(:
{Hate how my back looks in the reflection}

Wink! (;

Our booth

bb's stuff.All brand new! :D


Bracelet bb gave me♥
He has the same one(:

One for Aria too!

On the side note,got my clothes from Aria that I purchased from Supre!But work tomorrow,then Ballet.Not looking forward to it because exam is on Tuesday and I still can't do doubles.

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