Monday, 4 November 2013

"Don’t Count Every Hour in the Day, Make Every Hour in the Day Count.”

To my regular readers,I apologise for not updating this space.I have been so busy ever since school reopened two weeks back and my other activities as well.I've been wanting to update but I just couldn't find enough time so I'll try and squeeze some time now.
Last Saturday,Pamelyn and I went to Kallang Ice World to ice skate.It was my very first time and I was actually quite terrified that I would either fall,fall and break my bones,or fall and die.Yes,yes,I sound so dramatic now but at that point of time,that was all I could think of!


Before the ice-skating began...All calm and collected.

The standard time was 2 hours,and within that period of time,I managed to learn how to ice-skate (sort of) and I did not fall at all which I was so proud of.I paid $2 for the compulsory gloves which were durian gloves.It is horrendous looking but I shall customize it to my own style and wear it the next time I go ice-skating.

Top to bottom: 
Chicken bites for Pamelyn, seafood tom yam pasta for me



On Sunday,my gu jie suggested that we could try this newly discovered eating place hidden inbetween industrial buildings at Bukit Merah.She first knew about this eating place when it was advertised in the newspaper so we decided to give it a go.


Chicken with 3 cups of wine and ginger crisps
The chicken was really good but there seemed to be more ginger crisps than the meat

Beancurd hotplate

Gillman Seafood Restaurant
#01 - 3752
1003 Bukit Merah Central
Tel : 6275 5711 


Starbucks with my usuals after school on Wednesday because Brenda had already planned to get Starbucks after school a few days back.

Tall Green Tea Latte for me,Venti Hot Mocha for Brenda and spinach & mushroom quiche for us to share

It was a day before Halloween.
Brenda dressed up as Connor (from BYE) and even got the barista to write 'Connor' on her cup!


This Sunday,today,we had our family dinner at Hong Lim Hawker Centre.I love Sundays even more these days because we're discovering new places to eat and I can also bring my bb when we go out,instead of the usual town areas or food centres near our place.
We tried the famous slice fish noodles and ordered a plate of chicken as sides.

The sliced fish noodles were not as good as I'd expected but the chicken was tasty and crispy.I don't think I would go back again,but instead try the curry bee hoon that was opposite this stall :/ The curry bee hoon seemed so delicious and smelled so good when we walked past it.

In the Christmas mood already :<

Ending today's post with my current obsession: professional ice-skater and gold medallist for Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010, Yu-na Kim.She is such an inspiration.She's so consistent in her moves,so controlled and yet so smooth,not to mention she does loops and spin sequences without stumbling.And she is so young,I think she's only 22 or 23 this year.Inspiring!