Wednesday, 14 May 2014

"Memories Shared Serve Each Differently." - Robert Evans

I have been neglecting this space for far too long.Internship has really been taking a toll on me.Waking up early and only getting to do my necessities in the late afternoon and the whole thing repeats again.It's mundane,dry and I cannot wait to get back to school.
However,I have been fortunate enough to be able to meet some of my friends for dinner last week after work,but I'm going to start off with my dinner about two weeks back even before Labour's Day.
My parents,Gu Jie and I had gone to Laksania and it was their virgin trip there.I'm glad they found the food quite okay since it was my idea,I was a little nervous on their verdict of the restaurant.

My Penang Laksa

Gu Jie & Mum ordered the same - Sarawak Laksa
Dad got the good old Singapore Laksa (:

1st May, Tuesday

Finally resumed my night life after over a year,and it felt so right.The music blasting,the beat dropping and the crowd living up the night.Zouk is and will probably always be the most crowded club of all time,and everyone was brushing bodies with everyone.It was a little uncomfortable at first but you'd get used to it.Everyone probably does.I consider myself lucky to have a guy friend whom I know that took care of me that night.Thanks a bunch!
Also,happy birthday to the birthday girl. (:

Met a good friend of mine on the same day in the afternoon for lunch.We had Poulet at Bugis Plus and boy did I miss the chicken there,especially the cream sauce and the mushrooms.We also shared a salad which was delicious but could use a little more extra virgin olive oil.I love anything with avocadoes and this was the perfect salad for us to share.


5th May, Monday

Met my nutcase Merissa after work that day and I got an airbrush tattoo done at Scape.We walked around town and I purchased my Ballet shoes which I cannot wait to wear.Had dinner at The Soup Spoon (don't ask hahahh) at Paragon.
It's always so fun with this crazy woman.We laughed so hard at the smallest things,and we'll give each other funny looks when we see something unusual before cracking up again.What would I do without her (':

The only decent shot I'd ever get of her heehee

OOTD//Feeling grunge that day

6th May, Tuesday

At last,my off day approached.I met my childhood friend and we had a late lunch at Nando's.It was my second time and it had been quite awhile since my first trip,so a very timid me choose a mild heat peri peri chicken with wedges and coleslaw as sides while my friend had mashed potato of some sort.I cannot remember.
Met my cousin that same evening and I had been craving Ambush ever since my last trip there.Waited for her since I was early (rare situation) and had a salad in mind but settled on the squid ink pasta and I have no regrets.It was so delicious but the only downside would be black goth lips!

Squid Ink Pasta with Fish Roe and Scallops, and Escagort

Belated Birthday Present from my lovely cousin,thank you!♥

7th May, Wednesday

Dropped by the YCK Stadium with my Ballet friend and I must say,I am not a gym person.Headed to the tracks right after and I felt like I was in my zone.For an hour at least,we were in the gym and I couldn't sweat properly.But fifteen minutes on the track and I was sweating buckets.I love the outdoors;threadmills are just not my thing.It's weird enough for me to run on the spot but not running on the spot,if you know what I mean.
Headed for some yummy and healthy sushi after that.Brilliant idea of the restaurant to set up right in the midst of the sports complex,it really attracts health conscious people.

My friend's pork rice with egg and my salmon rice with avocados

Our mango dragon sushi (of some sort,I cannot remember the exact name)
It was REALLY good.I may even come back here in the future just for this.

8th May, Thursday

Thursday Ballet with my dearly missed Starbucks.Need I say more?

9 and 10th, Friday and Saturday

Nothing much happened besides internship,so I've had time to cook up yummy meals heeheehee.

Friday's dinner

Saturday's dinner with the family

12th May, Monday

Met my bb after work at the East to have dinner at 85 Fengshan Centre and had the usual Hokkien Mee,after which we tried the tangyuan for desserts.
It was really soft but firm and I bought six in total - two peanut,two red bean and two green tea.Definitely will be back for more. 

But first,let me take a selfie


Green Tea Tangyuan, my favourite flavour

13th May, Tuesday

Family day out to Jurong area on a public holiday.We were in search for a new dining table which we were not successful in finding,then stopped by IMM for tea break and I got my usual order at cafes;half boiled eggs!I love these things so much,can't ever give them up.

Dinner - Chicken Chop

Ending my post with my Ballet shot taken by a friend,thank you (: I love this photo because it shows the strain through the feet and up to the knees area.I'm not too sure of how this pair of shoes looks on my feet,and am thinking of trying Freeds Pointe Shoes,what do you think?
Also,I just had had HAD to post this picture taken by another friend of mine.It's a drawing he created and I think he is just simply talented.I,on the other hand,is a far cry from a talented artist.

Have a great week ahead!