Wednesday, 29 January 2014

New In.

All items -

Recently cleared up my room for CNY and thought I'd share some of my room details.Not confident in taking an overview shot just yet!

Swan class paperweight from swan sis

VS perfume by Vic

Part of my dressing table
Still in the Christmas mood!

Made by bb last Valentine's Day
It was originally Ferrero Rocher wrappings
Original and cute!♥

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Mid January

I have not been updating this space much,so I have lots of pictures to compensate my absence.Starting off this post with my Dad's birthday earlier this month.We wanted to celebrate at NUSS but it was fully booked,so we decided to go Clarke Quay instead.Settled on Highlander,a Scottish restaurant beside Playhouse heehee.

Mandatory selfie at home


Gu Jie's Chicken Shepherd's Pie

Mum's Mutton/Beef (I can't remember) Shepherd's Pie

My Salmon Dish

bb got the same dish as Dad

New haircut from a few days back


Took photos with Wei Yi last Thursday after Ballet.I love my Ballet mates,they're always so funny and have so many JC stories to tell me.


Lotion made last week in Compounding!
Random post but I thought our hard work deserved some credit hahahh

Here I have omelette made from 2 eggs (with one yolk,I tried to separate it but it broke),pan fried mushrooms and salmon,salad side 


My mum had signed us up for an outing with our estate neighbours for a trip to Fort Canning Park,Waterloo and Woodlands.It's a free outing organised by the CC I think,most of the goers were the elderly but it was an eye opener because most of the elderly were actively involved in these kinds of outings.Before that,I never knew there was such a gathering for people in housing estates to bond.

Fort Canning Park

Standing outside the iconic Singapore Dance Theatre (SDT)
I was a tad bit too excited.

Mee Rebus at Waterloo
I used to have this for lunch when I went to Waterloo with my Dad as a kid
I am not sure what the stall unit is,but it's at the front of the hawker centre and it has a red sign board that reads "Indonesia" in caps.Must try!


Dinner without my Gu Jie because my family and I were busy spring cleaning for the upcoming CNY. We ate nearby at Paris Spring Fish Head and my all time favourite is definitely hot plate tofu.My dad loves the spinach with 3 assorted eggs (salted egg, chicken egg and century egg) and my mum likes chicken so we had those dishes.


Ms Louis Tomlinson yesterday!

Bought some Etude House products today.Purchased liquid eyeliner and an Aloe Vera face mask.Becoming a real fan of this make-up brand now!

Lately on my Instagram

Also,I have been trying to revamp my room for the new year.I found two really nice rooms on Instagram,but I can't decide which one is nicer!I like white rooms with different textures,it adds a touch of class and also cosiness to it.

Ending my post with this cute bunny I saw at Pet Lover's Centre
Those floppy ears ♡

Have a great week ahead and thanks for reading!