Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Merry Christmas! {Belated}


Late post but MERRY CHRISTMAS!Hahahahh I have been so so busy this past week because of all the festive celebrations and was also overseas, taking lots of pictures,which requires time for editing.But I'm done and it's finally up!
Starting off this post with my Gu Jie's Birthday cum Xmas dinner at Holiday Inn Atrium on 22nd December, Sunday.We went to the Melting Pot Cafe where they served us buffet.I'm not sure what the cuisine was though. :/
They also had a whole tray dedicated to sashimi and I literally went speeding for it hahahh.

One plate just for my sashimi and mussel!

Mandatory shot with the Christmas tree hahahahh

Melting Pot Cafe
Holiday Inn Atrium
Outram Rd, Singapore 169075
Tel: 6733 0188

Christmas Day♥

Lovely Christmas morning started with the perfect weather, had some breakfast and by late afternoon I was getting ready to go to my Gu Jie's house for the {almost} annual Christmas party.It was slightly different this year because my grandaunt {from Malaysia} and her son's family came along, as well as my Aunt from Malaysia and her daughter who works here.

Breakfast: Taylors of Harrogate China Rose Tea & Korean Strawberries

Welcomed by Baby Kate with this expression the moment I pulled out my DSLR!

Ngoh Hiang

Hot Plate Tofu

Tom Yam Noodles

Salad by Baby Kate's Mum

Mum's Christmas Ham!

First plate

Second Plate
I didn't take the other plates after that because I was too busy eating heehee. After dinner it was back to taking pictures of Kate!

With her Dad hiding behind

Aunt with Kate

Kate and her Mum


What is Christmas without log cakes? (:

Ending this post with presents given by my lovely neighbour.

What did you do this Christmas? I hope you had an amazing Christmas like I did!

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