Monday, 6 January 2014

Yogyakarta Indonesia 2013

It feels so strange to be writing this post and talk about it as 'last year' because it was actually just last week.It's just been a week since I came back from holiday in Indonesia.Time really flies.
On the first day, we met our tour guide at the airport and headed to a nearby mall because we had to wait for another 4 persons on the same tour as us,but would only come about 2 hours after our arrival.On top of altering our itinerary, we also were unable to have non-vegetarian food for our first meal in Indonesia,that is,lunch.
I have nothing against vegetarian foods because I have friends who are vegetarians and of other specified diets as well,and I eat only vegetables most of the time with the occasional chicken,fish and seafood.However, my parents are not vegetarians and were expecting a non-vegetarian meal. Our first meal didn't include any sort of enhancing ingredients such as garlic so it was definitely a change for us.All in all,we felt it was pretty okay!Visited an Indian temple after that,which I did not take any pictures with my phone. I cannot remember the name of the temple.

Popiah,Indonesian style at the mall
Lemongrass and ginger tea

Vegetarian lunch
I enjoyed the mushroom dish (the brown one) the most.

Woke up early on Day 2 to walk up Borobudur Temple to see the sunrise. Such a spectacular view,indeed.I loved the weather that morning.It was cool,misty and dark in the wee hours. Rushed for a quick breakfast after the temple visit because we had a full day of events and left all of us dog tired at the end of the day.

Wall carvings of the story of Buddhism

Coffee made from lemur poop at a house hidden away in an estate.
I didn't take a picture of the lemur because he looked so sad and his pleading eyes seemed to be asking me to free him :'(

Volcano Merapi

Lunch near the base of the volcano 

Avocado milkshake


Tracing the design before anything else

Dinner buffet

Hotel #2

Free complementary supper at the hotel

On the third day,it was an early morning once again.This time we were off to Solo, a town about 2 hours drive from Yogyakarta. Visited the Solo river,which wasn't much to see.There were locals sitting by the river,but the river was coffee coloured instead of its original green colour.So...yeah.
After which,we had lunch and then off to the palace of the Sultan of Solo.It was magnificent,and the place had no nails at all.The whole structure was made of wood and it had an influence of the culture of other countries,such as China,Denmark,Poland and Japanese. There were also gifts from various countries presented to the Sultan but we weren't allowed to take pictures in the display areas.

Outside of the actual tour

Conference room

Ramayana story being carved on ivory

Sunset by the beach

Last dinner in Yogyakarta - Chinese cuisine

On the last day,we woke up early (yes we woke up early throughout our holiday,it was quite tiring) to have breakfast. I didn't take pictures because I was trying to take as much food as I can!Muahahahahh and also because we only had an hour for a buffet breakfast. Went back to our hotel room after breakfast and packed our belongings, and met our driver who drove us to the airport to check in. After all the standard procedures, it was time to go home.

Home sweet home to my Hokkien mee!
Heehee I love Hokkien mee but have not taken it in a long time because it's not very healthy. However, after coming home, it was the first thing I was craving for!

I really enjoyed the holiday although I was so tired each morning and felt that way throughout the day. Can't wait for my next family getaway!

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