Thursday, 10 January 2013

Hey Everybadyyy

Firstly,HAPPY NEW YEAR and hope 2013 has been good to you so far!9 days late for NY  but oh well (:
Went to watch Jack Reacher with bb today♥ It's 9th today,which means our 3rd month anniversary would be coming in a few days' time.All has been good with bb,but it feels like something is amiss to me.I can't put my finger on it,but it's just something.Ever since I went for my holiday trip during school break,it's like he...became different.I really don't know what it is.I mean,he's still so so sweet and the most loveliest person towards me but what he says and how he is with me,it's different.
I don't know if it's just me,or if I am really over-reacting because I did tell myself to get a grip,but it's like,I don't know what to do.I want us to be happy,and not like 24/7 hyper and crazy happy but like how we used to be.He would joke,and I would laugh because that was what made me notice him in the first place.We didn't take things so seriously then,but I don't know what has happened.I am extremely lost and I need a direction to follow.I don't know.
And it saddens me to know that he doesn't keep a tab for my blog in his phone anymore.It's like,when you delete something it's because you think,'Nah,I don't need that anymore now,do I?' Same thing.To me,it's like he doesn't feel the need to read it anymore.Or maybe it's a girls thing to read blogs.But then again,before we were official he would check my blog.I hate to say this but,relationships fail because people who did what they did to get the other party,stopped doing those things.I'm not saying anything negative,I'm just making a statement and a conclusion from what I think and have seen around me.
Or maybe,this is who he is and I just never knew.I was certain of him,of us and I don't want to lose that sense of certainty.
I don't want to DOUBT us because at the end of the day,the person I see at the end of the aisle and saying 'I do' to,is him.And I want my first marriage to be my only marriage,and my first love to be my only love.