Monday, 27 October 2014

Bali 2014

Heihei ♡♡

It has been a month or more since I last posted I think.This post is so so so long overdue;it's my holiday in Bali about 3 weeks back.Typing as I wait for the polyclinic phone line to clear up so I can make an appointment,which thankfully I have quite a bit of time for.

I still miss Bali and would go back any day.The beaches,the food,the adventures.Although it was a short trip with a friend of mine,I loved every day and minute of it.

We took an evening flight and reached Bali around 10pm, and came back with a delayed afternoon flight so it was about 3 full days and nights.


What is a flight without airplane pictures?These were taken before sunset so they weren't fantastic but I love the colours of the sky.

Welcome drink (;

Dinner before our party at Sky Garden. This meal was our first meal and set the standard for all the meals in our trip in taste and price.It was absolutely amazing.

Kitty with Conjunctivitis :( She was still very cute tho.She was actually waiting by the table behind us because this guy was feeding her.

Forget partying in Singapore.This is a whole new level of night life on a Tuesday night ♥

Day 2

I was having stomach flu/gastric problems then so every morning I had porridge.Oh I forgot to mention,we stayed at White Rose Kuta Resort, Villas & Spa.

We stayed on the third floor of the maisonette.Are these maisonettes,I'm not too sure hahahh.

First stop,ice cream!

Lunch setting
We didn't have time to take photos (or enjoy our meals) because we were suppose to be back at the hotel at 2pm to meet the taxi uncle who drove us to the hotel from the airport the night before.We actually forgot about the time because of all the shopping and window shopping we did.So our food came at 1.45pm (with us chasing them) and gave a tip of 50 cents because we couldn't wait for the change. 

After some water sports
I did sprain my second toe during one of the activities.It was also the scariest half an hour of my life as I cling on to dear life on the handles of the inflatable device.I had arm and shoulder aches the next day but it was so worth it heehee.Definitely doing parasailing next year when I've learnt how to swim and float.

Jimbaran Beach♥♥♥
Pleaes ignore my ombre tan hahahahahahh.

Seafood dinner by the beach
This restaurant was amazing because each set includes rice, vegetables and fruits. And the price,again, was something I wouldn't get anywhere at home for food like this. We had mussels and squid.The mussels was so good;it was soft and firm at the same time and the lime brought out the flavour,The squid had a smoky taste and it wasn't too soft or rubbery like most of the ones back home.This was,oh my,I can't begin to describe it.It was like biting into marshmallows.

Day 3

Pasta and lasagne!

It's getting real,it's suntanning time 

We did more shopping after sun tanning,and also went for lunch and then did more shopping as we walked to Kuta Beach which is about 20 minutes from our hotel. My friend went for a swim but I didn't because I can't float :( I want to learn how to swim by next year tho because I want to do marine life in my future. 

Day 4

Headed straight to the airport after breakfast.And again,the same taxi uncle picked us up.This was all by our own arrangement. Our flight was delayed by an hour,so we had some coffee and chill. Later did we know we would be running for our flight...

As you can see, we didn't miss our plane.The immigration queue was insane and right after getting our stamp,we heard the announcement that our flight on last call and looked at each other as if we found our we were sisters or something.Scariest ten minutes of my life,along with pain running with a sprained toe.

Home ♥