Sunday, 17 March 2013


Typing my post as I watch ANTM Cycle 19:College Edition.I quite like Leila!Her gap teeth :B
Today has been exhausting for me,and I'm not even quite sure why.Slept till late morning and had Ballet.Bought groceries and had to get my own dinner because my parents were with my aunt,getting some lightings done for her house by Wednesday.I was annoyed at first because that meant I couldn't have my usual family dinner with them,but afterthat I accepted it and bought sushi whilst getting groceries.Initially I wanted the California roll,but my friend picked the sushi set and it looked so delicious so I switched.
So happy to have bought chicken,salmon,yogurt and other ingredients for lunch will be coming home after his night shift to rest,can't wait to see him (: Shall post pictures if I manage to.
Besides working for TSS,I have asked Jeff to introduce me to his friends if they need models for their shops.No idea if it will work out but you'd never know unless you try.
Bought a few pieces of clothes from Cotton On today.Really need to control my spending! :(
Hope the day was good for you and good night.

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