Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Things Will Get Better♥

Feel better today than yesterday,although not elated and jumping for joy.I feel hopeful for bb and I now.Not that I wasn't initially.Well,maybe.But now I have faith although my trust is still down under,but that doesn't mean I don't trust him.It's just not to that level yet.
Anyway,today I had Ballet and I was late.But I managed to practice my pirouettes,especially Number 4 which reminds me of a folk dance because we just keep spinning!I realized that I really need to use and flick my head and focus on my point.I have watched a Youtube video,where a teacher told a student,"Your head is not sewn to your body.It needs to turn."
Also,yesterday's mock examiner gave us a tip.She said that for Pointe work,if we cannot control waist down,at least control waist up.
Typing as I multi-task: Drinking hot milo and watching Glee S4.Contacts has been on since 12 noon,MC for work today but not a chance tomorrow.10 hour shift tomorrow so I shall bathe and some rest now!
Good night!

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