Sunday, 31 March 2013


Spent my whole day with my parents today,and it felt really good although there were some bickering here and there.Woke up to the part-time maid cleaning my room,then had breakfast at home.Lunch right after the maid left and then we stayed at home until it was time for dinner with my aunt.While at lunch,we went grocery shopping and I bought Yan Yan,my favourite childhood snack!Bring back the 90's baby♡

Also,a secondary school classmate of mine works at The Body Shop at Raffles City too,and I managed to get a 50% staff discount from her,and purchased an exfoliator that I've wanted to buy awhile back.

Shaky hand :(

This product smells sooo good and after one try,my skin looks so snowy!It was so smooth and I didn't see any bumps or whatever I usually see even after washing my face.Will continue using this and see how it goes.So far it's promising!

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