Monday, 8 April 2013

Nightie from bb,with L O V E♥

Not feeling so great today,so many things have happened.One can have so many plans but things change,and people change.They don't always work out and we must have a Plan B for it.Sometimes the unplanned things are the best events that ever happened,too.
On the side note,I just think that Singaporean couples need to be more adventurous.It's either to town for movies,the beach or calling/texting each other.That's good,great but not memoriable. I have recently found some new ideas,and also came up with some suggestions.

♥Star gazing♥
♥Be a tourist for a day and do some photography together.Have a mini competition to see who takes the best photos♥
♥Exercise buddies♥
♥Play board games♥
♥Tree climbing(be safe!)♥
♥Meet up in the middle of the night(or staying out together till late is also an option) and have breakfast at a cafe at dawn♥
♥Rent a movie,set on mute and improvise dialogues♥

Just some ideas,but not too many in case bb sees my blog and then it wouldn't be a surprise anymore HEEHEEHEE.
Anyway,here are the pictures of the nightie bb bought for me.It was from Thailand,and he asked a friend to get it for him,for me.He did not directly buy it but so sweet of him.

So cute

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