Friday, 26 April 2013


24th April was my birthday,and celebrated it quite discreetly.Nothing too big,mostly because I was feeling really really unwell and stayed home.Then bb came to visit at night and it was such an amazing night spent.Love him so so SO much and everyday I'm just so thankful to have him,to love me,to care for me,to think about me.
Also to my amazing parents who put me on this Earth.I would literally be nothing without you both. ♥
Durian birthday cake(Mum almost got Tiramisu but I didn't want choco)

Presents from Mum and Dad♥♥♥

Doggy ring! :D

Swarovski earrings from bb♥♥♥

Heart print dress from cousin,Hui Jeen

About 2 days before,I met my cousin,Hui Jeen for dinner.I was suppose to meet her about 2 weeks back but you know how it is with working people (; [Or part-time workers hee] We ate at Plaza Sing's Itacho Sushi,before heading to Canele for desserts.Nomnom!It was an amazing evening,thanks for the treat!

Salmon bellyyy bloop bloop

Goyza,Salmon belly and eel sushi

Fatty salmon sushi

Duck & squid sushi

We also had California roll soft shell crab and I had cold tea soba.We ate based on Hui Jeen's recommendations because it was my first time there that night!I enjoyed all the dishes so much,I can't decide which one I like best!

Tripple Chocolate Cheese Cake; Macroons in Rose, Passion Fruit and Caramel&Ginger flavours

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