Friday, 12 April 2013

In the Train.

so yesterday I was in the train going home and I managed to find a seat beside this man.He was sitting on the reserved seat.For those who don't know,the reserved seat is meant for the elderly,pregnant ladies,those with children and the injured such as a bandaged leg etc.I'll talk more about reserved seating later.
So I happen to look over at the man's phone,and he was watching a movie that was very porn-like.And it wasn't those very sexual kind of porn movie,it was like a torture excitement kind of movie.Like how some men feel thrilled when being whipped by a whiplash or having melted wax poured over their body when they're having sex.On his screen,I saw two girls touching each other in that manner,and then a guy shoved something into his...junk.I mean,REALLY?
I personally feel that these sort of things should be discreet and personal.You don't just watch these things in public and not expect people to be grossed out.I myself was so disturbed,I stood up and ran for the train door when it arrived at my station.And if you are the guy who was doing that yesterday and if you're reading this now,know that most people feel that it's inappropriate.Me included.
Moving on to reserved seating,they're reserved for the 4 main categories of people here.And I personally have 'issues' with 2 of those categories of people - the elderly and those with children.
The elderly means those who have weak legs or are incapable of standing on moving vehicles and they can potentially FALL.But sometimes,I see 50-60 year olds standing right in front of the person who's sitting on the reserved seat like he/she deserves the seat.Really?You can go shopping for 3 hours but once you're on the train,you expect people to roll out the red carpet for you and give you a seat?And that you can STAND because you're strong enough?But you want to 'fight signs of ageing' on your face and body?GET A LIFE.
And then there are those with children.The parent is meant to sit on the seat because he/she is carrying a child,not because the child is a toddler and deserves a seat.If your child needs a seat on the train at the age he/she is,why don't you just put her in a wheelchair for the rest of the child's life?Are you making any sense now?
Andand,once I saw a parent give the seat to her daughter who just finished Ballet.I do Ballet,it's a form of exercise and she needs a seat after exercising?
Enough said,I hope Singaporeans know the line between needing a seat and self-proclaiming.Also,I hope they know what should be done in private and what can be done in public.

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