Friday, 3 May 2013

Girls Night♥

Friday and my Ballet friend cum school mate,Yern Ee,is at my place to chill and she is here as I type :D
It feels so comforting each time I have a friend or my boyf to come to my place and spend time with me,or just talk about everything or nothing.Yern Ee managed to get coupons(again!) from her Engineering school for Dip 'n' Go at Causeway Point,so we went to get that as well as some sushi.I forgot the name of the sushi shop but I'm sure I'll go back and get more in time to come because each sushi selling at just 50 cents! :D I will also take more pictures,I'm sure!

Seafood rings, BBQ sauce and passion fruit drink for me!

Nuggets,teriyaki mayo and Fanta grape for Yern Ee! :D

Dip 'no' Go by Old Change Kee

Seaweed sheet from Yearn Ee; she baked cookies and gave me a box but I took pictures of it with my phone instead of the camera :(

Picture to end the day!♥

Dip 'n' Go is available only at Causeway Point(to my knowledge,at least!) and dips vary from $3.90-$5.90.

How was your Friday night?

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