Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mothers' Day!

Happy Mama's Day!♥ To all mothers out there,you have been amazing and devoted endless love and time.
We went to Nana cafe at Goldenmile,it's not an upmarket place but the food is really good.Goldenmile is a Thai 'district' so we had Thai cuisine.We had rice with dishes and Thai green curry!!!Love the green curry Nana has.I took the usual Thai iced milk tea that I take when I have Thai cuisine with bb while my parents and Gu Jie(aunt) had lemongrass drink.
And here are the pictures!

Omelette with cabbage at the bottom,mixed vegetables and Thai green curry in a pot!

Ingredients are eggplant and chicken

Addition of the big plate of pineapple rice!Nomnom!

And prawn salad♥

Hope everyone had a great Mothers' Day!

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