Thursday, 28 March 2013


Age: 18 (turning 19 in less than a month)
Where I’m from: Singapore
Where I would like to live: Norway or London.
Favourite food: Spaghetti,salmon and any kind of salad
Religion: Free-thinker.
Sexual orientation: Straight.But hey admit it,we girls sometimes do think other girls are hot ha!
Single/taken: Taken ♥
Favourite book: I used to love Brenda Joyce books,but it's been ages since I last read her novels.Nowadays romance novels are my thing.
Eye colour: Dark,dark brown.
Favourite movie: Centre Stage
Favourite TV show: I love Happy Endings,HIMYM,Castle,New Girl,ANTM just to name a few.
Favourite band/singer: One Direction and Swedish House Mafia.
Random fact about me: I love dark chocolate more than milk chocolate.
Favorite day/s of the year: New Year's Eve and Christmas.
Favourite colour/s: Turquoise,purple,shades of blue.
If I have any pets: No. :( My mum hates them.
What I’m listening to right now: TV heehee
Last movie I’ve watched: Warm Bodies.
What’s my ringtone: Vibration
Favourite male character from a TV show: Schmidt from New Girl
Favourite female character from a TV show: Kate Beckett.
What my name means: Fate.
Favourite superhero: Hmmmmmmmmm I really don't know.
Celebrity crush: Jenner sisters.

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