Monday, 18 March 2013

People may forget what you say and did to them,but they will never forget how you made them feel.

today actually started really well.I met bb at the usual bus stop,and I was slightly late so he had to wait for me.Then we went home and-you know how women have this sixth sense thing.I did something,I went to check his phone and I found something that I wasn't so pleasantly surprised about.In fact,I was in a rage and I was so angry.I know sometimes I can over-react a little,I know I did today.But I felt like I had every right to,because what I found made me lose trust in him.And anyone who knows me knows that I don't trust people easily.If it takes months for me to trust you,and you broke that trust,it would take twice the time for me to trust you again.It's just normal human reaction-you build a wall around yourself and you feel like nothing is going your way and you're lost at the crossroads.
All I can say is,everything takes time.
After which was Ballet mock exam which went not-so-good for me.Pirouettes was bad,but at least I managed to do the Pointe study until I got confused which foot came first.The mock examiner also said that we need to listen to the music and 'fill' it out more.Dancers would know what I mean.It means to 'fully use' the music with feet or hand movements.
Work tomorrow and I'm so tired,mentally,emotionally and physically.

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