Saturday, 30 March 2013

Todai at MBS

Parents' friend invited us,along with some of the other Singapore Adventurous Club(SAC) members to Todai Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands(MBS).It is a seafood and sushi restaurant,served buffet style.They also have other cuisines such as western,Japanese and Italian.It was reallyyyyyyyy good.Mum found out that there was an offer,and it was about $60/person for lunch.Dinner would be more,but I am not sure how much.

This is about 1/3 of the whole restaurant!

Chilli Crab in a nice glass bowl

Italian pizzas

Todai's Alaskan Crab

My first plate!

Dad's first plate(:

Mum's first plate(:

My second plate

I felt full after my first plate,but I couldn't help but to go back for more as there were so many dishes!

Third plate-sushi time!


Dessert plate aka my last plate

There were so many different types of dishes,I couldn't try them all.I also didn't get to try the Alaskan or red crabs,but I am sure I'll be back one day to try it!These pictures were taken with my 5 mega pixel LG phone and I dare say they turned out quite well.
It may be a little pricey for a student/part-timer like me,but it is definitely worth the money.
Thanks Aunty Pat Lai for the lunch,I really enjoyed it!It was good catching up with everyone too!

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