Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Catch Up Time.

Feeling good today because things were already better with bb last night.I think I need to make a change and see how it goes,and if there is progress,then that's good I suppose.
So today I met up with Jing Wen and Jeff.Two different persons I met at two different places who do not know each other at all but it went quite well actually!Didn't manage to do my brows but time was well spent relaxing at The Soup Spoon,Arteastiq then Din Tai Fung.Yes,we had all meals together although Jing Wen couldn't join us for dinner because I initially mentioned I was going for Ballet,which at the last minute,I changed my mind(because of yesterday's incident.Shall not go into it)
Anyway,I shall let these pictures do the talking.Enough said!

Early lunch: Souper Value Meal(mushroom & asian tofu salad)at The Soup Spoon

Jing Wen & I

Jeff & Jing Wen

No food,sleeping & making out at the Mandarin Gallery couch!

At Arteastiq

Chocolate Lava Cake with Green Tea and Pomelo Ice-Cream

French Rose Tea with Ice-Cream for the gentleman

Cold Lychee Tea for Jing Wen & I

Dumpling noodles & salad in vinegar at Din Tai Fung,
followed by 'Dan Dan noodles' & their famous must try steamed dumplings

First tried the vinegar salad when bb and I went to Din Tai Fung at MBS.It was also my first time at that restaurant and we took pictures together too.Arteastiq is now definitely one of the places I'd go if I want to relax,chat and spend time with my friends.Lava cake was amazing-must try!
All in all,great day spent!Thanks Jeff for the treat at Arteastiq and thanks to both for the company!
Good night!

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