Thursday, 11 September 2014

Whatever Makes You Smile,Keep It

Hei! (:
On Monday,I finally finally finally met up with my Ballet friend,Mel.Going through my Friends folder in my laptop made me realize the last time we met up was almost a year ago.Indeed,time flies.

I suggested we go Marina Barrage to fly our kites and have a little picnic there as well. Mel didn't bring her kite but she did bring her DSLR and I just had to have a go at the camera heehee.
But as you know,plans always change and it definitely changed when she spotted a Vegan Burg in Marina Bay Financial Centre and we ate there first before taking a bus to Marina Barrage.

Rendang Burger with seaweed fries for Mel,
and Shrooms Burger with broccoli sides for me.

I'd say the food was really good at Vegan Burg,but for some reason,the staff there weren't looking very cheerful and they had poker faces towards other customers throughout the time we were in the fast food restaurant.



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