Friday, 12 September 2014


Just a short post on what was happening last Saturday.Walked to Labrador Park from VivoCity with my mum.The walk was organised by SAC (Singapore Adventure's Club) to which my parents and myself are members.I cannot remember the exact route that we walked but I know the view was beautiful and very scenic.Upon arriving at Labrador Park,we walked further to our BBQ pit where we had our meal.

Since we were early,we stopped by Delifrance to fill our stomach before walking.The last thing I wanted was a gastric attack as they have recently recurred.

And that is it!Head to for more information and details on activities open to members and non members.They have activities ranging from 'easy' to 'difficult',to which easy are activities such as walking or trekking,and difficult may be mountain climbing or hiking.I hope you find an activity you can enjoy and sign up for it.Don't forget to join as a member too heeheehee.

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