Saturday, 13 September 2014

Ice Skating

Hei there!
Sometime the week before,I decided to go to JCube to ice skate since Kallang was closed then.I asked my poly friend for a meet up and we ice skate together.It was really fun and I have been to JCube's The Rink twice ever since.I personally prefer Kallang Ice World just because the skates are laced instead of buckles,and the ice is smoother.The first time I went with my poly friend,the ice was slightly too dry so it required lots of movements to get going,however the second time I went with my guy best friend,it was slightly better.

Just had to have Hokkien mee after 2 hours on ice!

This picture was taken sometime last week with my best friend.
I felt that I improved that day compared to the previous time on ice,and I can't wait to go again.

Check out The Rink ( for more details and upcoming events!I paid $17.50 for entrance and ice skates and this was a 2 hour session.There may be additional chargers for certain things you may need,such as gloves.

I really enjoyed my time there,but I hope to go back to Kallang soon just because I'm more familiar to the surroundings and they have better ice skates.

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