Sunday, 2 November 2014

Sushi x Starbucks x Sweatpants

Last Friday,I had an e-module lesson to which I was only supposed to be on my laptop in the afternoon. so things were quite relaxed.The thing about e-module subjects are,it's easy to get lost.
Anyways I had spent that morning travelling down to Queensway to collect my new glasses and I am absolutely in love with them!
I know it makes me look more geeky than wearing contacts but it's always good to give your eyes a break but also look presentable on those 'slackish days'.

After which,I travelled to school to meet my friend because we were craving ban mian so badly!We were in the same team for e-module too,so we could just set up our laptops in school.Wifi,plugs everywhere and good food?Nothing gets better than that. (:

Met Brenda and Merissa in the evening for sushiiiii. Ever since my childhood friend introduced this place to me,I was hooked.I don't know about you,but I love love love sashimi and everything in this restaurant is $1.60! Since it was a Friday night,there was a queue when we arrived at the restaurant but it wasn't a problem because the queue moved relatively fast. It was quite funny because it was Merissa's first time eating sushi outside and she was constantly looking at the belt for attractive looking sushi to try.


Starbucks after sushi
Do not question our food choices hahahh. Merissa had to leave earlier so Brenda went to find our love - peppermint mocha (;

It's always a great time with you two beeches and internship will be fun,especially for Brenduh heehee (; We talked about so many things and always give such good advice. To more sushi times like these! ♥

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