Monday, 8 July 2013

Midweek Last Week

So I met bb on Friday after school,and I was quite happy I managed to rush home,get ready and drop off my laptop and ginormous backpack for school.Yes,I carry a backpack to school.So unglam I know hahahh but it's neon pink,so hopefully it does some justice.
Anyway back to the main topic,bb and I met in town where I did some window-shopping and I got myself a pair of heels from Payless.Didn't take any pictures in the store because I was busy finding other sizes and shoes heehee.

It was initially $40 but they were having offer and I purchased it under $20.Happy happy joy joy.
The material on the right heel has a scratch but it was the only size available that fit me well.Don't think it would be too obvious right :/

On Saturday,I went to Vivo for a training regarding a school event that's happening this weekend and I felt that they could have just emailed us the whole thing. :( I met my classmate Turfah and we went to the meeting area together.After which we had lunch at McDonald's.I was having a bad throat so I could only take the mcgrill salad.Turfah had nuggets! :D

My McGrill salad with mineral water

NUGGETS for Turfah

This is Turfah (:

Then we walked around Vivo and went to Candy Empire,where I saw this.Just had to get it although I was so sick,coughing and having a runny nose.It tasted so good though.It's made of choco and marshmallows.Nomnom.

Forgot to bring my camera so I only have these. :( Will try to remember to bring my camera out next time onwards.
Until then,have a great week ahead!

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