Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mid Week.

It's midweek and I have been quite busy with school.Exams are FINALLY over but Round 2 starts in mid July which means I need to continue revision but not as tense.
I met Thines on Sunday because I needed to get my parents' belated Father and Mother's Day presents heehee.She brought her friend,Michelle,along.I think we got along quite well :D


Happy girl at Soup Spoon

R - L: Michelle,Thines and I

Parted Thines and Michelle early evening to meet my family and bb at Chinatown Point for dinner.I had already told my parents that I would treat them to a nice dinner for that day and they relayed the message well to my Gu Jie.Cousin Ah Cheong joined us too!

Food Garage at Chinatown Point(Had to make the aperture so low just to bring out the lighted menu :( )

Some of their dishes

Twelve Cupcakes for my loved ones♥

Baby niece Kate!Welcome to the family!♥
Only had this picture because I have not seen her yet.So cute though.

Mum and Dad look so happy receiving their gifts :D

Mushroom soup with Cappuccino 

Juicy Breaded Mushrooms.They were so g o o d.Cousin said it would be delicious and it was!

Gu Jie's pork chop

My good 'ol fish and chips

Dad's too,except he got wedges instead of fries

Mum's half chicken.You can see her hands in the background;she looks all ready to taste it!

Cousin Ah Cheong's fish baked rice

Last but not least,bb's pasta cabonara with fish

After our main meals,it was dessert time and we all tried Twelve Cupcakes which I specially bought for them heehee.Twelve Cupcakes but I actually bought 6 - one each!Hahahh

bb's focused face heeheehee

I present you(Top - Bottom;L - R) Chocolate,espresso, PB jelly,strawberry vanilla,cookies and cream and Nutella.I took the chocolate,bb took the espresso,cousin took PB jelly,Mum with strawberry vanilla,Dad had cookies and cream and Gu Jie tried the Nutella.

bb looks so tired.He sacrificed his sleep to spend time with me and my familia (: ♥

Got home and continued some photography on my parents gifts.

Can't wait for Dad to wear this Polo tee!


Yesterday after school,Merissa and I headed to Starbucks because I had (yet) another craving.On my first trip to the Starbucks cafe at CCP,I tried one of their ice-blended drinks that bb had tried a day back and it was quite good,alongside a raspberry cheesecake but it cost me a bomb!So I saved a little yesterday,going for my usual Green Tea Latte in Tall(not my usual size though) and I forgot to tell the barista I wanted the hot one and I got the ice-blended one instead.Not his fault,so I took the drink and went to my table.I also tried their Yuzu cake which was so incredibly good.
I am not a fan of chiffon cakes but this cake was so soft and it didn't 'act' like a sponge cake,which is the main reason why I hate chiffon cakes so much.It had a melty texture and is just delicious!Shall try the chocolate one next time I go again.
And,I am also not a fan of ice-blended.I feel like the flavour of the drink is all trapped in the ice and when the ice starts to melt,my drink becomes diluted.

Also,I took my blood pressure during class and this was my reading :(

And today was Chemistry2.It was tough,it's always tough in Chem2.Just got to push through and make it till the end. 
Attempting to sleep early tonight so I guess I'll sign off here.
Keep updated for more posts on my blog!Have a great week and weekend everyone!

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