Sunday, 30 June 2013


Yesterday I decided to clean my room up a bit,because it was so cluttered and felt that something should be done.So I spent my afternoon and evening cleaning my room and my study area.
Some inspirations I got for my room clean-up.

Norwegian homes are so beautiful.I want mine to be like this too.

And my process of clearing my things.

Secondary school diary;so many notes in it!Heeheehee hardworking student ;D

Letters and drawings from classmates when I was in sec1

Attempt to make my own Christmas card hee

Loved Science since I was young.I would get so excited when the weekly Wildlife Wonders magazines were delivered to our classrooms and my classmates and I would be like,"Let's do the quiz!" or "Eh see this animal?So cute/weird leh!"

And here,is a book that I dedicated to my eating disorder.I had an eating disorder(ed) for about 6 years,and I struggled through it.Thinking if I should share my ed story heehee.Should I? (:

And here,is my diary.My secondary school best friend gave it to me as part of my birthday present,alongside a pencil case and cute keychain which I still love so much.It's sad we don't meet anymore,and I don't even know where in the world she is.Literally.But thank you Rachel!

I was also involved with story-writing.So many stories and series.Some of them were fanfic as there was a period of time I was obsessed with McFly.Still love them today,especially Dougie.

I was into stamps too.These are Britain stamps.

Singapore stamps!

My favourite stamp because I love turtles

And I came across this pile of letters from my secondary school friends.I know how I've told my closer friends that my secondary school and life was terrible but looking back on it now,I don't think it was THAT bad.But given a choice,I would not experience it again hahahh.

Annual birthday letters from my dearest Mum and Dad.A lovely present would come with it.

Christmas card and letter from Dad's friend in London.

I think this is the only card I have received in black hahahh.Of course,it is from the one and only Naveena who gave me this card before she left for India for her studies.After years of friendship,she could still spell my name wrongly.

Last but not least,programme booklet from bb's POP.I still remember that day,it was after my UT and I had rushed from Woodlands to Chua Chu Kang where HTA is.Thinking bus 903 goes straight to the station in about 2 stops like 169 would,I hopped on.To my horror,it was the bus that makes a huge loop around an estate in Woodlands before going to the Interchange and my classmates had warned me about the 'long journey bus'.I had no choice but to take that bus because in that estate,it was the only bus that goes to the Interchange.So off I went,from the bus to the Interchange,and to the station.Got on the train and alighted at CCK,then flagged for a cab because HTA was on a highway.So out of place I know.I was SO SO SO excited when I got there because 1)There were so many policemen, 2)It was my first time in the area and 3)I was going to see my dear boyf marching and swinging his arms heeheehee.
When I finally found the stadium,all the NS recruits were on the tracks and everyone was in blue.I could not see my dearest at all,despite his height :( But when the MC said that each batch were to march around the stadium,I got really excited because it would be easier for me to spot him.I knew his batch was NS 31 or 32,so I kept a lookout for him when the MC announced those few numbers.And I spotted him first(I think),because I saw someone's mouth moving and something white,and I thought to myself, are they allowed to talk during this procession?
And boy,guess who it was.My dear boyf talking to his friend.HAHAHAHAHH.We smiled at each other and he looked so cute marching and swinging his arms the way he did.I was so proud of him that day,and my happiness meter rocketed out of the sky when we finally met after the whole thing.Iloveyou♥♥♥

Ending my post with my new floral nails which I painted 2 days back.It's my first time and I thought it was not bad.

Have a great Sunday!

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