Saturday, 22 June 2013

Hazy Lazy Day

The haze has been quite bad these few days and just this hour,4pm,it is at its lowest at PSI 85.However,this morning was a different story.It was hazy and I thought I smelled the the 'smoke' in my air-con room.The view outside my window was terrible,so it was no surprise that the reading was higher than PSI 300.

It is important to take care of yourself during this hazy period.Soooooo firstly,you need to have a mask!A surgical mask will do but if you want to be safer,an N95 mask will do just that.I personally have not worn a mask at all since the haze started because I didn't like the fact that I wouldn't be able to breathe properly.With or without the mask,I would feel restricted anyway.


Second on the checklist is that whenever possible,try not to go outdoors or do any activities that would cause your breathing to deepen because it would mean that you are breathing in more dust and smoke.

The third thing is nutrition. Doctors were right about this all along!Drink up those 8 glasses of water daily and also eat healthily.Keep yourself healthy during this hazy period.

The forth and final thing are eye drops,lip balm and inhaler.I don't have asthma but for anyone out there who does,it is advisable to.Prevention is better than cure!Eye drops are a necessity for me as I wear contacts,and even before the haze hit I would experience dry eyes and it could be really uncomfortable.It can also help to wash out the small dust particles in your eyes if you have any irritation.So eye drops are a must!Lip balm for dry lips.Ever since we experienced the haze,I have been getting super dry eyes.Being in an air-conditioned school also contributes so lip balm is another must for me.

I guess all we can do now are to take preventions,continue with our daily activities and not let this haze stop us.We need to start thinking positively,since now the skies are clearer and all seems normal.The haze should help Singaporeans come together as a country and not be a cause of panic.

Stay tuned till next time♥♥♥

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