Saturday, 15 June 2013

Thines' Belated Birthday!♡

I spent my day revising for Pharmaceutics and Chemistry 2,after which I met Thines in the evening for dessert.Because I had spent the whole morning and afternoon studying at home,I rushed to bathe,get ready and then head to Thomson Imperial Court where Little Pancakes is.But my plan was to make a beeline to Thomson Plaza pick up a few presents before meeting her.It was so so SO last minute,I know :'(
When I reached Thomson Imperial,Little Pancakes was in sight.I was walking around to look for a store which might sell things I'd like,and thus,she'd like but no.All I saw were pubs,medicine halls and some feungshui shop.But then I received a text from her that she'd be late,so I didn't think much,rushed to get her present at Thomson Plaza which is 2 stops away,rushed back and met her 30 minutes past our agreed timing of 7pm.But I was so happy that she liked it. (:
Little Pancakes was p a c k e d so we decided to go Ashton's instead,after which I treated her to dessert! :D

Me;Grilled fish with herbs
Thines; Black pepper chicken with mash potato and potato wedges

Salted Caramel

Me; Brownie with signature ice-cream salted caramel,and roasted pistachio
Thines; Waffle with espresso and choco sorbet with choco syrup
We also had drinks.Thines ordered a float while I picked Early Grey pot of tea.

Thines was explaining to me which macaroon was which flavour just by looking at the colours.Her face was so funny! :P

Last for best: PRESENTS!♥

And regarding my haircut sometime last week,I went to Envy Salon at Tanjong Pagar.It's at the end of a row of shop houses and it was very quiet and peaceful.I didn't take many pictures,or any at all because it'd be quite strange to do so as a first timer there.There were about 3 hairstylists and the senior stylist attended to me while a lady attended to my best friend.My best friend chose to dye her hair reddish brown while mine was a haircut.Not only did they cut my hair,but also wash and blow dry.I also got some tips from the hair stylist on how to manage my hair since everyone's hair is different so different methods are used.I was smiling when my hair was almost done because it turned out just the way I wanted it,and my best friend and I were both squealing and started getting a bit high when we left the salon!
I paid $49 for cut,wash and blow dry and my best friend paid $38 with a Groupon voucher.
It was a good experience and given the price I paid,I'd have to think twice if I'd go back,but result wise,it was really good.

Photo credits: Thines

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