Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Study study study.

Today I woke up just before noon,had some breakfast and it was off to Orchard to meet Nik for a study session.Right after we met,I told him I needed to get a present for my best friend's upcoming birthday and I already had in mind what I wanted to get her but it still took awhile. :( Initial timing was 3pm,then we both felt we would be late and it got pushed to 330.We finally found a seat in Starbucks outlet at Ion Orchard.It was so packed throughout the time we were there and I could only say we were lucky to find seats right after two ladies left a table.
I managed to write my notes for P&T and then Nik's laptop had to die at 6pm because HE DIDN'T CHARGE IT.I thought he would and should have,but he thought there would be a power socket at Starbucks/Coffee Bean.We didn't see any,from where we sat.
So at about 6,we decided to get some dinner at...You could only guess.Soup Spoon.He didn't know how to order so I had to explain it to him thoroughly,and then I had to help him order to get him the 20% staff discount.And I had to carry his tray for him.Like a maid HAHAHH just kidding.I complain too much. :D

Green tea latte in Venti♥♥♥
I love green tea so much.
(In case you were wondering what those 'things' are in my drink, it's cinnamon,vanilla and chocolate powder)

Toilet break

This is Nik Han.
"I don't smile." 
THAT is what's up with that face.

Finally some proper food!

Toilet break,again.

Bought this dress.It's a tad longish but will do.

And in my previous post I think I've mentioned that I want to chop the ends off so today I made an appointment to do that on Friday with my Xin Yi at Salon Envy.I also checked out Salon Vim today and enquired about their treatment services.I am not sure if I should get a treatment because then my hair won't be a "virgin" anymore hahahh.
Here is a sneak peak of my hair:

The section from my scalp to my neck looks alright,but the section past my shoulders(especially the ends) look very dry.Just like a broomstick! :( I'm thinking of getting rid about just 1-2 inches though,because I would feel so awkward without my security blanket of hair.
Cannot wait for Friday!

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