Monday, 3 June 2013

Pasta Round

bb came after work to rest at my place,and I was busy revising(and watching TV and eating) and started cooking for us at 4-ish.Baked pasta,our version♥
Because bb was still asleep,I prepared the meal on my own and although it was a little lonely,it was usually does the topping of the cream because he loves it so much,but today I had to do it and I did it wrongly.I put the cheese first,then the creamy sauce but I was suppose to do it the other way round so that the cheese could melt into the pasta. *facepalm*
Time for the pictures to take over:

Love these mushrooms!

Hotdog goes in first,pasta fills up the container.

I used this today,but it usually varies according to cravings♥

Our sides

Vegetables next.It's a must because bb needs to get his fibre and vitamins :D
Ma healthy boy!♥

Ready to be baked!


It may not look delicious but it was g o o o o o o o d.The top part was a little dried up but all was well.Glad bb enjoyed it,as did I.
I usually put it for 20 minutes at 200 Celsius,but today I tried 35 minutes at 165 Celsius.Maybe a little lower on the heat will be better hahahh.

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