Monday, 24 June 2013

A Good Breakfast to Start my Day.

Yesterday I woke up slightly earlier than my usual on weekends in attempt to revise for my upcoming UTs.I didn't. :( But I did get myself a good breakfast prepared by yours truly.
Lunch with my parents and then I was off to meet my Dearest boy

Love this 'instant noodles' from Muji

Chocos given by my neighbour.It has ginger,wasabi and sesame seeds.Strange combination but the ingredients come together very harmoniously

Met bb around 5pm at Bugis.I waited for quite a bit because we didn't arrange the exact time to meet the day before.Always have so much fun and joy whenever I'm with him. (:

His love for Frappachino and my love for green tea

Spinach and mushroom quiche!

bb looking so tired.Thank you for tolerating all my nonsense (: ♥

Great day spent with my Dearest ♥♥♥ 

Have a great day at school/work!

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