Saturday, 22 June 2013

Trip to Sungei Buloh Wetland Nature Reserve

Posting again before the day ends.This post,as you may have guessed from the title,is about my trip down to Sungei Buloh last Saturday with bb.It was a good time for me to take my DSLR out of its dry box after months hahahh.
I hopped onto the train that stopped at AMK station that bb was in and we made our way to Kranji where the reserve is located.Having done some research,we both knew that it was not near the station and it would involve some walking.Later did we know that it took us a long 15 minute walk under the hot sun and there was nothing around us except grass and the road we were on.It seemed like an endless 'highway' and we were so relieved when we saw the sign.
We paid the student price(heeheehee) and started our excursion!bb was so observant and noticed all the little crabs and so I was able to snap some shots.

I wanted to take a snapshot of the map in case we got lost.I then later found out they have map pamphlets *facepalm*
There were 2 routes and we went to the boardwalk first,then the rough tracks.

Dearest looking so cute here♥

Crab pictures.

Attempted photography


Back to crab pictures!

bb told me to take a picture of this hanger.Land pollution right here! :(

We were then back to the visitor centre where we took a short break,filled up our water bottle before heading for the rough tracks.While resting,we saw this fella!Just doing his own thing,taking a nice slow swim in the waters.I thought he looked quite nice from far,until he swam towards us... ...

Migratory birds

bb jokingly said this was an island hahahh.He is just the cutest.

His second brother.

Tortise (:

His eldest brother.He was a giant and it was quite took this shot (: (while I ran away to fill up our bottle again)

We found out their shuttle buses operated on weekends too and it was $3/adult to Kranji station.It was so hot and it discouraged us from walking back out again,and a cab was impossible to get so we decided to take the shuttle bus.
The trip was an experience and although the weather was not on our side.Both bb and I have been to Sungei Buloh in our primary/secondary school days but it's different when you go with the person you love♥ And when it's voluntary and not forced by the school!Heehee.
Great day spent with bb and we were knocked out the moment we got home.Can't wait for tomorrow!You will soon find out why! :3

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